Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tramp pants!

So, not too long ago, I mentioned that I had let myself go. More about that now. I think every mom goes through this. And, it is not like we wake up one day and say, I'm gonna just stop trying and look like a slob from now on. Of course not. That would be...weird. No, it is something that creeps up on ya, little by little. You don't have time to shop. You don't have time to fix your hair. You don't have time get the point. Everyone else comes first, and you neglect yourself. Or you spend more time blogging than in front of a mirror... I would not trade my life for the world, not complainin' here, just stating the facts. My mom put it best. She said that she always felt like a piece of pie, and everyone got a piece, and at the end of the day, she went to get hers and it was gone. Good news is that most of us moms have this epiphany-like moment where we get jolted back into normalcy. We realize we look like slobs. We get embarrassed. We vow to find our sass again. And, when we do, we vow to not let it go again, although we probably will. This is the mama cycle. You gotta fight for the time to primp or shop or maybe even catch a shower *and* shave your legs with that shower time too. 
So, my epiphany came the other day. I woke up to a numb foot. Scary. Joe asked me if I wore anything tight the day before. Oh the shame...yes I did. I most certainly did. My old skinny size Levis. See, I got back in my old jeans, but not really. They were tight. I could button them, so I wore them. I had to take them off the day before because they were just too uncomfortable. That was the culprit. I would have to deal with some temporary foot numbness now. How did this happen? Why was I squeezing into ill fitting pants? Because I had maternity clothes and my old size, and I did not want to waste $ on a 'fat' size. El Cheapo Mamacita. I figured that in 2 weeks or so, they would fit better. That was like 9 months ago. I knew I needed to order some new pants, but I put it off. So two things here...1) I have been walking around looking like tramp mom in her tight tramp pants. Oh the shame. 2) being cheap and not making time to shop for myself cost me the temporary use of my foot. 
So, I vowed to change, talked to Joe about it. Joe, who cares nothing for fashion, agreed that I needed to shop. I have not been to the Mall in over a year, if that says anything...He said, "I don't care what you spend. You just gotta do...SOMETHING." Then he looked at me funny and laughed. LOL!!! So I did. I bought some cute 'fat' shirts and 'fat' pants and shoes and I decided to start accessorizing. I just quite doing that. I have jewelry. I just stopped wearing it. I pulled out some of  my old pieces. I had to buy jewelry cleaner. I then bought some more.
It's funny. It has been so long since I have bought anything for myself(save camera gear and baby wraps, of course), I did not know what I wanted. Not too long ago, the market section of the Wall Street Journal, there was a picture of this powerful CEO woman, and she had the loveliest pair of knot earrings on. I thought, hey those look like smart earrings. So, I decided to hunt down a pair of my own. Typing this out makes me realize that the market section of the WSJ is probably not the best place to get fashion advice. But, powerful CEO lady, I dig your earrings, thanks for the inspiration girl. ;) After that, I decided to get a big ol' necklace of sorts to dress up this t-shirt wearing mama.
Enter Etsy. I love etsy. So, I got 100 inches of gray freshwater pearls. Perfect. They came from China, see the Chinese writing on the package? I am like a kid with international mail. I get all giddy about it. I saved the package to show Joey. He was not nearly as excited as I was about it.

I probably like these so much because I can tie a knot in them, like I used to do with those plastic pearl necklaces when I played dress up as a kid. :) 

I vow to wear this more often.
The pretty yellow scarf, not the Rapid-1 camera strap, umbrella, or Crumpler camera bag. Although these things are nice too.

This scarf matches my funky new wellies, you know. Remember?

Yes, there is a new mama in the house. I will shop for myself and accessorize. I will make the time. :)

And, today, I turned the corner to see this.
I am not sure why he likes doing this with is shirt. Weird. But, I do know it is cute. Really really cute. :)


  1. HA! I love it. I went through this a couple years ago, and I awoke the inner shoe and fashion lover I had long ago silenced. I even get Lucky magazine. (amd marie claire too, but it is shameful trash at times)
    Earrings, make sure you hit a kohls or target and get some totally funky earrings that only go with one or two outfits.
    And... I have the same.exact.crumpler.

  2. Thank you ladies! :) Great idea on the earrings Jude! I just ordered 2 pairs of earrings off etsy this AM...someone needs to disable that site from my computer!!! lol