Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Coloring and such...

I'll have you know that my expensive new toy is on the way back to B&H. For 300 bucks, I don't think I should have to tinker with exposure compensation. Anyhow, here are the last of the fuji 400h pics. I really do like this film. The colors are fun. And, for cvs scans, these aren't too bad! What I don't like is that I had to sacrifice precious iso by overexposing these. And, look, I used flash with these, so maybe metering flash with film isn't so scary after all.
You know that Pete likes to color.

Did you know that Jude does too?

Okay, not really.
 No Jude! No!

He just likes having or doing whatever the boys are having or doing.
Even though he is just a baby. Shhh...don't tell *him* that.

I have been having the most fun with this wide angle on my film camera. I love looking down at the kids, making them bobble heads.

Showing you what I see 99% percent of my day...the 'pick me up or I will totally and absolutely freak out' baby.
Love him.

But if Daddy is home, this is not my view. It's Dad's. When Jude hears that back door open, he runs to it, babbling, happy, giddy, goes over to Joe, and demands to be picked up. It is so adorable.

We all love it when Daddy comes home. :)
 So that is it for the fujih. I don't know what I will do about shooting film now, without a light meter...I might look into getting a cheaper used one. That way, if it is off, I won't be nearly as offended. 
It is Ash Wednesday!
As I type this, I am nagging the boys to hurry up and eat lunch so we can go. I don't want to take hungry kid to Mass. I don't know if we'll make it, but we will try. And per Joey's request, we are going to the fish fry at church later. Joe said, "we are fasting all day, and you want to eat that later? are you sure?" LOL Yes, a good ol' fish fry is extra tasty when you are extra hungry, Joe. ;) Now, for the giving things up part of Lent...I am giving up eating between meals, and trust me, this WILL be a sacrifice. ;) A girl needs to snack eat ya know. I will also read a psalm every day. :) Joe and Joey will pray 10 minutes a day together. :) Paul? He keeps changing his mind. He says he is giving up Candy. We'll see. Pete says he is "giving up a toy you blow into." Joey rolled his eyes, saying, "we don't have a toy that you blow into Peter." So, I guess Pete gets off easy.


  1. Heidi,

    Your blog has so many wonderful was fun to look through! :)

  2. Now that you sent back your light meter, are you heading back to digital?? You're so smart with all the technical aspects of photography, Heidi, that I think you have a light meter built into your brain... ;) You don't need it! ;)

  3. Thank you all!

    Lacey, you are so sweet! :) I have just been playing around with film. :) To get serious I need a light meter(again) and probably medium format...not ready for that jump yet...I think my next project is getting the macbeth color checker and creating some custom camera profiles to battle the over saturated red hues I get with my digi. LOL

  4. i don't think i would ever be industrious enough to try the light meter.
    i forgot to do ash wednesday with the kiddos. We are going to do ash saturday. i am giving up chips, and wowee... it will be hard. I love love love a good chip. we did finally find a place here with good fish fry. (popcorn shrimp is NOT fish fry!) in fact, it is even better than in the B-lo. my family does not believe me.
    ps your kiddos have awesome little brown eyes, i love that.

  5. Jude--I love a good chip too!

    Oh, sigh, I think I am ordering a cheaper light meter today. LOL I just have to play around with the film some more...LOL I think I am going to play with both formats and then decide which I really like better, once I get a better feel for film.