Hi! My name is Heidi, and I am a mom with a camera(MWAC) and proud of it.
No, I am a photographer. There. I said it. I am a photographer.

In the Summer of 2010, I convinced my dear hubby to buy me a dslr. My one goal was to capture our life. Our crazy beautiful life with four spunky boys. To record those moments I will forget but desperately want to remember someday.
Like so many other mama photogs, I became totally obsessed fell madly in love with the medium.
This blog is where I record our lives, in pictures. It is also where I continue to explore photography. I want to learn more, grow, get better, and most of all, make images that really capture a true moment in time.
I am also a wife, to the best man in the whole world by the way, as noted above, mama to four boys, the coolest Catholic mom at Mass(okay, not really. That is just my way of saying I am a Catholic Mama), a serious coffee addict(camera shake IS an issue), a lazy knitter, sometimes sewer, cooker of anything tasty, and silly person if you have not guessed that by now. ;)
:) Welcome! :)

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