Monday, February 28, 2011

About that Spring...

Right after that Spring post, we got dumped with snow. But, it rained again, snow is melting...but I hear the snow is coming...again. Oh well. I got the boys their rubber boots in anticipation of Spring, and it was warm enough to blow some bubbles today. :)

And, I had to work on my back lighting assignment for my natural light workshop. And it just so happens that I got some shots that were not planned at all. It was just a coincidence that they were back lit. LOL 

Jude has been doing this lately. 

He likes danger. He thinks its real funny too. Feet on the he kidding me? I will say, "no" and put his foot back down, and he will get this sly smile and put it back up. Oh boy. Dangerous, yes. Cute, oh yes. 

Then, when we were getting ready for mass, there was all this giggling in the mud room. I peek in and find the boys have ransacked the mitten/hat/scarf drawer. Paul is wearing my hat and gloves, and he is pointing his finger at Joey and Pete, yelling, "clean up the living room boys!" Oh no he didn't. Oh yes, he did. He was imitating me. ME! Joe laughs, saying, "see, you are a nag." LOL As punishment, I asked him to step outside so I can photograph him against the sky, for my assignment. LOL 
 Then I had him clean the living room...just kidding. 

 Now, this one was intentional. I bribed Pete with some candy. I was trying to find some lovely tree bokeh, but with no leaves on the trees, well...not so easy. Oh well. I was going to try again, but the gray skies have rolled, this is what I got.
 Come on Spring!!!

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