Friday, March 25, 2011

Beatrix Potter

Joey read the boys some Beatrix Potter last night. Paul says, to Joey, "Did you know that Benjamin Bunny is Peter Rabbit's cousin Joey?" 
Eva, by the way, I *did* come across that story you warned me about. Yes, harsh results for poor Jemima Puddle Duck. For those that do not know, a fox ate her eggs, her babies! For real! It really ends that way! It really does. I am not kidding. Amazingly, the boys were cool with that. They got the  lesson there, I suppose.
Today, I read a quick little diddy about a bad rabbit that had his whiskers and tail blown off by a man with a big 'ol gun. 
Oh Beatrix Potter, you really know how to tell a good tale...
And my boys love it. The gunning, whipping, spanking, egg baby eating, dinner with no currant rolling, rabbitt skinning/pie making warning...they love it.  
 And they usually pay attention...
for the most part...


  1. Very cute photos! Love all the little pieces you captured!

  2. these are all so beautiful! I love bedtime stories and you've reminded me that I need more pictures of it :)