Saturday, March 5, 2011

Family movie night

On Fridays, we have a family movie night. The kids look forward to it all week. Everyday, Pete will ask me, "is tonight movie night?" I will say, "no, today is Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday..." So, finally, when he asks me this question on Friday, and I can say "yes," his face just lights up. All smiles and squeals. This week, we got a box from Grandma full of movies. Thanks Grandma. We watched Open Season. The kids loved it. 

We even let them eat in front of the TV. And, it was only after the meal that I realized that giving coleslaw to a coleslaw loving 3 y/o to eat standing up while laughing and jumping was a bad idea. Lesson learned. Oh well. All in the name of fun.

I played around with my new light meter, trying to figure out this flash metering business. And, on that know, when you start to learn things, understand what makes a good/bad picture, technically speaking, it is very easy to trash your imperfect pics. Soft focus. Bad comp. Etc. Pics you might have even though looked good before you knew any better. These pics above are far from perfect. But, you gotta remember that if they capture the moment, then you gotta keep 'em. That's what its all about. I can look back on these and get the whole movie night vibe. 20 years from now, I won't regret all the mistakes I made. I will just treasure these pictures of my sweet boys. 


  1. Could your boys LOOK more alike?? Sheesh! heheh... what cutie-pies!

    Good girl learning something new! So fun, and SO good for our brains. :)

  2. I LOVE these special family moments!