Saturday, March 19, 2011

random stuff and such...

This may turn into a diatribe about film v. digital. Forgive me. I am in a funny place with it right now. Okay, I won't do that. It is annoying, I admit it. And I will not admit that I have reordered the same light meter that I just returned last week...ooops I just did. Anyhow...
I have a ton of pics on my SD card. I have been meaning to edit them, clear the card, but you know how that goes. So, I get annoyed. It is almost like I don't want to take a picture because I will have more to edit. *sigh* And you know, it is not like my editing is all that time consuming. It really is not. Not at all. But, when you have hundreds of pics to cull and then make minor adjustments to each one, well...there ya go. So, I kinda sorta hate editing these days. I like the result and even the process, but I hate the time it sucks out of my life. 
Anyhow...I have been meaning to show you TONS of funny pics I took of Jude last week. I have only edited a few. So...anyhow...
You know when a baby puts his real big boy walking shoes on and walks for the first time? That happened last week. You know when a baby explores outside, all on his own, outta mama's arms? That happened last week too. It is just awesome. I mean really awe inspiring to see a baby explore the grass and sticks and just get lost in this outdoor paradise that is actually a very small and modest back yard. 
You remember the mud though, right? Yeah...
There was no shortage of that. Jude learned the 'wipe on your clothes trick' pretty fast. 
And this mama, absolutely giddy to record this wonderful 'big boy walking shoes outside exploring' moment was chimping when this happened.
Ewww!!! Mr. Cool, that is so not cool. I did remove his hand and wipe his mouth out, after I took this pic, promise.

Lemme tell you, the only thing more disturbing than your baby finding a squirt gun that had been left in the yard since last Spring is...
that he knows how to use it. He picked it up, started pointed it around, saying 'doot doot doot.' Wow. 
When I took this pic, I thought, there is no way a baby should get his sweet baby gap jeans this muddy.
Then, I realized that he was not really a baby anymore. *sob* *sob* I think he is turning into a little boy. A muddy outside loving little boy!

My sister came to visit this week. My lil' sis. We had a great time. I miss all my sisters so terribly much. We went to the park, and yes, I am still on the hunt for the perfect, yet elusive, swing picture.
Still working on will be mine. Now, I have to go edit all those other pics I took of my kids and nieces...sigh...

Oh, been keeping my promise to take better care of myself. Been buying more jewelry off Etsy.
How pretty are these?!! :) barron design studio if you wanna know. ;)
And, I just got some earrings from Israel off Etsy. Neat! I love international mail, as you know. But you know what? I think I just like getting mail. It doesn't matter what it is. I just like the anticipation, receiving, and opening of mail. Makes me think of that Frog and Toad story by Lobel where Frog arranges for Toad to get a letter because he never gets one and that makes mail time sad...I totally get that Toad! I am sure this is some form of neurosis. But, I have no problem admitting it--I like getting mail. :) So I have been using to track my sorry light meter that I reordered.
After looking at all these muddy pics, determining Jude must be a boy now, I think of this pic I took last week.
 I don't know...I mean, if you still wear a onesie and eat your feet, then you must still be a baby, right? 




  1. Heidi - I love the little cut on Jude's forehead. Ha ha.... says it all. Sam always had a random bruise or cut on his forehead. so funny.

  2. LOL Joani! Yeah, he has a new one now too, same place, from a bump at the park. LOL

  3. Omgosh, our posts are so similar! What's with one year olds and eating dirt? LOL!

  4. eating the mud, and his own toes... love it!

  5. Really like the details you've captured. Very cool!