Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Still undecided about this light meter. I need to make a decision today. Yesterday Pete and I played with some harsh light and shadows. This is Kodak 400NC converted to BW. 
 When he realized I was photographing him *and* his shadow, he decided to make friends with it. Oh this was pure joy. He was playing with Mr. Shadow. Pointing out Mr. Shadow's body parts. :)

Later, he was a ghost. :) Still Kodak 400NC

And I managed to get one decent exposure of Jude-y playing with his feet. Sweet baby.

Paul reading a book...notice the distortion? Yes, 35mm on a 35mm is 35mm. Wide. 

Then it was back to the digital age...
I found some nice backlight and gave Paul a book. 

Joe and Jude are still best friends.

And sometimes they find mischief together. Like the other day when Joe gave Jude a temporary tattoo.

Oh, and there is a speedlite workshop giveaway, and I really want to win it! OCF here I come...maybe! LOL


  1. Beautiful photos! We love the book Blueberries for Sal!

  2. I love your shadow play. And your son reading Blueberries... That is a classic book. Your work is fresh. It feels like Spring on your blog :)

  3. I love the ones of your son playing with his shadow! So precious. The last set of your son reading his book with backlight is gorgeous! I especially LOVE the b/w one!

  4. Beautiful pictures. My favorite one is the one with the baby lying on the floor with his/her feet in her mouth... And the last one of you kid reading the book. What a beautiful light.


  5. wow! i'm in love with these. how fun to play with film.

    hope you win the workshop!

  6. Love all the book images! You got some great angles that make them unique! Inspires me to grab some of my son's current faves & shoot away!

  7. omgoodness what sweet little faces. love that first bw shot, lots of emotion!

  8. Love the perspective on the baby playing with his feet - where you shot at his level! Also the photo of your son sitting in the chair where you have his feet - beautiful!