Monday, March 7, 2011


Amazing, this life. So much beauty, everywhere. Yes, it's amazing that I can find so much beauty in how a baby and toddler eat. Everything about it is something that I want to cherish and remember. These were shot with my 35mm canon film camera wit fuji 400h, seriously overexposed, but they came out because my new pricey light meter is seriously underexposing stuff, well in my humble opinion(more on this later). 
Jude is a super eater. He loves to eat. The other day, I fed him eggs and Cheerios. Okay, they are the generic brand of Cheerios.
But he likes them all the same, you know. 

This bib is super helpful. 

When we feed these little ones, of course food ends up on the floor. But, it is usually stepped on, pressed deep into the cracks of the wood floor. *sigh*
I unpacked Pete's old pedipeds for Jude. These shoes are so cute on him. Oh, do you like my new boots? Hey, thanks! ;) 

 What do you see out the window Jude? 
Hey, that is a good idea, baby!

Hey Jude!

Pete was there. Having a bagel snack. Sometimes he will gimme a smile...
But sometimes a toddler just wants to eat his bagel. 

Joe comes home for lunch sometimes. I LOVE that. LOVE it. I make coffee, we joke around about our days. I so enjoy his company at lunch. The other day, he walks out of the kitchen, comes back in and says, "go look at Pete. He is so small at that big table." I look and then yank out the camera. Joe laughs, asking me why I am taking a picture of that. 

This is why.

He does look tiny at that big table. And he is adorable. I am going to miss this tiny toddler at my big table someday.

So, I don't know where I am going with this film thing. I like the look of film, but there are things I don't like. I don't think any of the pictures I have taken can be printed larger than 5x7 because of the grain. I know a medium format is key for larger prints. And, you need a light meter for film. With my digital, I feel like I really get my histogram. I love my histogram. LOVE it. I use it with natural light, with my speedlite, and it is so accurate in getting perfect exposure. You don't have the luxury of a histogram with film cameras. So, I bought a light meter. And, the drama begins. It seems to be underexposing just slightly. I underexposed quite a few pictures on a roll of film. :( Annoying. Some of this may be user error too, I admit I am not light meter savvy. I don't know...I am just not sure if tinkering with this light meter is worth 300 bucks. :( I will probably return it. But, then what about exposing for film? I don't know, maybe I will use the palm of my hand method until I decide how much time and money I want to invest in this filmy adventure....


  1. I never even use my histogram. So slack i know. I just cheat with the light scoop ;)
    Do you shoot in manual?
    I love the window shot, keeps you in, shows you doing your thing ;)
    totally random, but it your table broyhill, attic heirlooms? if so, we have the same table, and that is funny to me :)

  2. That would be funny, lol! I don't know...we got it on sale at some random furniture store. I don't see any markings indicating what type of table it is...hmmm...:) I bet it is the same. LOL
    Yes, manual. :) I got this light meter to be more exact and I am returning it. LOL I am nuts about my histogram. LOL :)

  3. I so love the picture of your son sitting at that big ole table by himself! I really like the one of you behind the baby, too ... but that little guy sitting at that giant table is my favorite. =)

  4. I do love your boots, actually! We have hard woods and a similar Cheerios problem. I cringe every time I step on one. Your photos are just lovely but my favorite is the one where we can see your reflection!