Sunday, July 31, 2011

Golden hour...

They say it is the best time for photographs, but it is also what many parenting books call the 'witching hour,' he he, you do the math...mama has two toddlers, takes them outside close to bedtime...scratches her head over why they are not cooperating. HA! Ah well...I got a couple of cute ones of the little ones. :) Will try again. 

Oh, and I am still seriously stumbling through ps5, so excuse any editing mishaps. Errrr...I am tempted to spend some money on a workshop or something, but I am trying to be patient and wait until the big move cause I just don't have much time to commit to anything but procrastinating on the packing. 

Clickinmoms had this pay it forward event, remember me talking about that? Anyhow, I finished my knitty goods. See?

And as luck would have it, one of my bloggy pals won the set, of course! I'm talkin' to you super amazing and talented Kristine! :)

And, my knitting mojo is still back, and I am finishing this sweet 1906 kimono sweater pattern that I started for Paul. :) Will have to show ya that sometime. :) 

And...another reason I have been kinda not keeping up...we are expecting again, and this is the first pregnancy that I got to actually experience the real-deal-no-holds-barred morning sickness. Ugh. This will be #5. Yup, 5. I am going to be brushing up on newborn photography. ;) Poor baby, lol!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

*warning* it's buggy!

This AM, Joe saw a grasshopper on the wall. So, naturally, he scooped it up and gave it to my nakey toddler Pete, who just loves buggy friends. Oh, Pete is so cute with his bug is amazing what joy a silly grasshopper can bring that boy, so I just had to capture it. 
He tells me it tickled him.

This is Pete's face when it creeped onto his back, outta sight.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Not abandoning blog...

just taking a break. 
In about a month, we should be moving. And, well, that is a little overwhelming seeing as we have yet to find a rental and pack(unless you count the kid's pathetic attempts at toy sorting packing). I have not picked up my camera in a while. I just feel too overwhelmed to snap, edit. Lots of loose ends to tie up relatively quickly. My subscription at clickinmoms ran out too, and I am stalling on reinstating it. For one thing, not being able to log in has drastically reduced my web time, lol, leaving more time to prepare for our move. And, I picked up knitting again(more on that in a sec). I have some almost-done knitting projects for the 'pay it forward' summer event over there, and I need to get them done before summer is over. So, being logged off=more time to knit. Oh, the knitting. Funny that I would pick up that time consuming hobby again when I am so strapped for time, isn't it? This is pretty neurotic. I know it is just a way to escape all these obligations, but I gotta be is nice to knit again. I lost the knitting mojo, for whatever reason it became more like a chore than a hobby. A trip to a couple of yarn stores(sorry, Joe) remedied that, and I once again feel the therapy like qualities of knitting. That's nice. Because I am not here blogging, I am not checking my dashboard, so I am not visiting all the lovely bloggy mamas I have come to adore. I miss you all, and I am sorry for not being around to give some bloggy love. Anyhow, I thought I would check in seeing as I might be away for a while. ;) 

And since no post should ever be without a picture...I took these a while back but never blogged them. We have grape vines(that are totally wasted on us as I always intend on making grape jam but never do), and I was amazed at how fuzzy and colorful the fresh blooms and new leaves are! Weird.