Monday, January 17, 2011

Super Pete!!!

Pete threw a cape on, starting running around the house yelling, "Super Pete!" So, I grabbed a chair, slid it in front of a window, grabbed my camera, and had Super Pete sit down for an interview. 
 Me: "Who is this Super Pete?
Pete: (pointing to self) "ME. I'm Super Pete."
Paul runs in camera left, Pete glances at him as Paul tries to tell Pete who Super Pete is.
Me: "Pete, look at mommy. Smile for me." (Pete smiles).
Me: "Okay, tell me who is Super Pete again?"
Pete: (pointing to self smiling) "Me I'm Super Pete."
Later on, Dad says, "Lets go on a family adventure!" Woooo-hooo! Family adventures consist of getting in the car(usually not getting out either), grabbing milkshakes, and driving somewhere, to check something out. Yesterday, we checked out the coal plant. Wow look at that plume!


  1. Well super Pete is super cute! Love these shots.

  2. wowza, Super Pete has some super brown eyes. I am jealous, I have always wanted brown eyes ;)

  3. Thanks girls! Jude, I hear ya...I love these brown eyes!!! I have green, Joe has brown. :)

  4. I love these and I love that you put your kids in the car, drive and call it an adventure. We do the same thing!