Friday, January 28, 2011

Library time!

Yesterday Pete asked me in his 2 y/o voice if we could go to the 'twain libary.' How could I say no? You know, alot of times, I don't want to do these things. I am busy. Stressed. Have a sore belly or aching head post-flu. And so on. But, I remind myself that this is their childhood. That I have to toughen up and do these things, as much as I can. This is what it is about. They will remember these fun times. And, once I force myself out the door, I am always so so so glad we did. Seems like alot of effort at times, but in the end, that just melts away, and I am thankful for the moment, savoring every little memory we are creating. 
So, yesterday, I dragged myself and the three kids into the car, braved the snow, and headed out to the 'twain libary.' This is the library in the neighboring town. And, I have to admit that this library kinda irks me. Everyone says that they have the best storytime, hands down. But, I wouldn't know it. You have to sign up for it in advance, and after more than a year of living here, I have yet to make the list. I am always a day late, so the list is always full.  A little birdy told me that the librarian calls a select few before she even posts the list, which really really irked me. I don't know, maybe this is just my insecurities, but I almost think this whole signing up business is to keep disorganized mamas like me outta storytime. They know I will never show up on day 1 of sign ups. Aw well, no biggee...I will find zen over this storytime drama...someday...anyhow, here are my sweet kids, playing and reading to their hearts content at the 'twain libary.'
This is why they call it the 'twain libary.'

Jude is really acting like a big boy lately...he was crazy about the trains too.

Then he was on the move. There were lotsa cool things to check out. 

So, there is this doll house. Joe gives the boys a jokingly hard time about playing with it. He will ask them, "did you play with the doll house?" Sometimes they will flat out deny it. But, no, most often, they will refuse to answer, crack a big smile and just giggle. 

Pete...I am not sure what he was thinking when he put the dolls in the tub like that. Weird.

Paul...pretty basic stuff...He puts dolls to bed. They all took a nap I guess. 

Both boys told me the grandpa was missing. Poor grandma dollhouse doll. 

Then, there was reading, of course.

Pete picked this one out. Really Pete? Really? Why this one? I cannot read it without crying...lucky for me just as I was tearing up, Pete lost interest, whew!

There was plenty of cuteness too.

And then a little of this. Nasty Pete! Stop! Gross! Wait a you think this is why I can't get on the gosh darnit library storytime list? Ugh!


  1. I love going to the library with my boys too. However, my shots never come out this great. :(

  2. The picture of Jude with an open mouth like a bird is absolutely adorable!!!!!
    My kids are obsessed with the library, these are great pics!

  3. Yep, I would say that nose-pickin' boy is the reason.


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  5. Love these! The nose picking one is so perfect!

  6. oooh, snotty librarians are the worst! I used to read that book to my class at the end of every year, for out mother's day tea party. I would laugh at how the mamas all cried... until my last year teaching, when I was the one who boohooed through the whole book! :)