Thursday, January 27, 2011

It is so cold here...

You know, I am still in awe of it all. This snow. This snow that sticks around for months and months and months. They plow the road, and for 6 months, you have a big pile of snow on the side of the roads, maybe 2 feet high, maybe 4 feet high. In some parking lots, you have piles way taller than me. And it just sits there, for what seems like forever.  It does. not. melt. It gets a little dirtier everyday, though. Black snow. The river outside my house is frozen, covered in snow. That's crazy to me. I think we are getting used to the temps. 30 feels nice-cardigan weather. 20 is cold. Jacket weather. Anything below 0 hurts. You better cover your hands. And, this is what I learned, the hard way. Here, you really have to warm your car up. You just have to. So, I do. And, I don't normally bundle the baby up too much because we trek from a warm house to a warm car pretty quickly. Well, the other day, a -0 day, I turned the car on, but I failed to turn the heat on. We got in the car, but it was not warm. Halfway to school, my hands were burning, and the baby was screaming. His hands were as cold as mine, I imagine. :( Poor baby. I don't have a pair of baby mitts for him. So, I quickly cast some stitches on. He needs them here. 
I think the one thing I will never get used to is the sky. It is dark and grey, so so often. I have to use my highest iso(1600), and I still have to use low ss or underexpose at times, outside! Outside.

No matter how many times it fails, this kid will not stop trying to ride this in the snow. I don't think he is used to this stuff, either. 

And one more of my b-day boy. His preschool is so sweet...yesterday he got a crown, a sticker he assured his brother was 'rare' because it was sparkly(this was hotly contested by Joey), an alligator toy, and some candy. :)

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