Thursday, January 6, 2011


I got it! 
So, this is what frost looks like up close and personal!

Fun, right? And this is what it looks like when some snow falls during your frost shoot.

Oh, and I was outside at 9ish o'clock in my jammies and slippers, on my knees, bending over the freezing ground. Some neighbors were out. They politely pretended not to see me. I am sure they think I am crazy. 


  1. Found you from 'There's nothing like a daughter to love... except maybe two' blog. These shots are amazing. What camera do you use? We had a Canon Rebel XT but are now looking at getting something else.

  2. Thanks! I have and xsi, and these were taken with my 60mm 2.8. :)

  3. love love love
    the last one is my favorite.
    if my neighbors aren't used to me in jammies by now... ;)

  4. Just stunning. I'm seriously wishing I hadn't sold my 60 micro...darn it.