Tuesday, January 4, 2011

AM here...

Is crazy. Just crazy. So, it is funny that I thought I could sneak outside and get some pictures of the frost. HA! Our routine...We are usually woken up by Pete or Jude. So, I climb outta bed with Jude while Joe goes to shower. I go into the boy's room and tell them to get dressed! Pete is usually one step ahead of us, on the way downstairs, begging for 'bekfist.' :) I am holding Jude, making coffee with one hand(this is THE most important part you know.) I seat the kids, including Jude. I am thinking about coffee the whole time...lol I Feed them, usually with just cereal, although today I made them baked french toast that I prepared the night before, and wouldn't you know, it made us late! lol I pour coffee as soon as I can. lol I make Joey's lunch, I rummage through a sea of school papers that need to be signed off, sent in, etc. I start a load of laundry or notice that I did not put the last load in the drier the night before...doh! I am trying to get in the habit of having Joey read a Psalm to me every morning, but sometimes that falls victim to the hectic morning...Joey will then brush teeth, comb hair, put on shoes. I make sure he has remembered his lunch, his gym clothes, his library book, and what not. I nurse or console a fussy baby at this point, usually. I clean up a very messy toddler, chair, and floor as well. Joe is finishing up ironing, dressing, heating the car up, putting on jackets. He then runs Joey to school and comes back to take Paul a few minutes later. I kiss Joe goodbye after he comes back and leaves for work, and we start our day. So, all that to say...getting out for some frost pics is probably not feasible. This AM, I snuck out while the kids were at the table to snap a few frost pics, but it was too late! The frost was melting, so I did not capture the cool icy shapes. I need to get out there just as the sun is rising, but that is much easier said than done! :)

And, you know, it is funny. By the time I am getting breakfast cleaned up, Pete is looking for another snack. If I don't place an apple in his hand, he will just go grab what he wants from the food drawer.
Like today. See?
And, I am ready for another cup of coffee. Sometimes I drink the 'old' 7AM coffee...out of total necessity. ;)

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  1. Hi Heidi,

    I tried to email your via CM but it didn't go through. I don't see an email address on your blog but would love to ask you a few questions about your pictures, pp, etc. Thanks a bunch!!!
    I love your pictures!!!!