Friday, January 7, 2011

My sweet boy is home today!

I don't photograph him nearly enough. Mostly because he is at school. When he is home, he really keeps himself busy with legos and what not. He is home today, feeling just a little under the weather. 

And you can guess what that means by now.

One more thing worth mentioning. Yesterday, Paul tells me he swallowed a lego head. SERIOUSLY PAUL??!!!! He is fine, no worries. It's just ridiculous. When Joey came home from school and found out, he says, "Paul. which lego head. Tell me what it looked like." He then made a sigh of relief when Paul told him it was not one of the new ones. lol So, Paul will be 5 in a couple of weeks. I expect this kind of stuff from Jude or Pete, but PAUL???!!! Ugh.


  1. Those snow flakes blow me away.
    Nicely done

  2. I feel the same way; like I don't photograph my older school aged child quite as much as I do my 2 year old son who is always right next to me!