Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pig in a pouch

The other night, I had to snap this pic cause it is so funny. It is just pork bullion. It is tasty. My newest secret ingredient for my oldest, sorry recipe, oven potatoes(Joe will sarcastically say, "Oh good. Oven potatoes. We have not had those before"). Anyhow, Paul asked me what it was, and in explaining it, I realized it sounded very neat. Like the freeze-dried-condensed space food you learn about in school. "Paul, they take a big pig, and shrink all of its juicy piggy flavor into a powder, and put it in this little pouch." Okay, if you are vegetarian, you are probably vomiting right about now. Anyhow, I don't know if it has msg or not, I choose to be purposefully ignorant on that. I saw it at the store and tried it. I love it. And thought it was funny(and yummy) enough to snap.

So, it is becoming obvious that I am not a small town girl. And, I am okay with that. This is not to say that I have anything against small towns or small town folk. I thought I was small town, and I desperately want to be a small town folk. I love so many things about small towns!!! But. I am not. I am who I am. So, I have to stop pretending and admit that I am a suburbanite, deep down. A suburbanite without a suburb lol. Why? Well, in my head, I have come up with a list of sorts...things that happen that reaffirm this new discovery...
1. I expect my grocery store to carry stalks of lemon grass, leeks, ham in a pouch, fish sauce, and more than 2 varieties of hot peppers. 
2. I want to shop at walmart because I *want to* not because I *have to.*
3. I miss starbucks like it was a close personal friend.
4. I expect to be able to go out in public with no make-up and jeans I have been wearing for 3 days without running into 10 people I know. I should know better by now, but I do not.
5. When I drive an hour to the nearest bigger town for lemon grass, leeks, and starbucks, I feel at home, and I don't live there!  lol
Anyhow, as I come across more of these epiphanies, I'll let ya know. ;) Now, what can I do? For starters, I need to stop expecting a suburban lifestyle in a small town. lol I am sure everyone is tired of me complaining about walmart.

Anywho...Jude is so close to walking Jude IS walking! I started this post with a pic of a budding walker. But, in the time between started the post and finishing it, Jude started walking. My baby is...walking. Joe asked me if I was writing it down in his baby book. I don't have a baby book for him! I feel kinda bad about it, but I had to be honest with myself. I have baby books for Joey, Paul, and Pete. Only Joey's is filled out. I would put them away and only bring them out while the kids were not around so they would not ruin them. Well, kids are always around, and when I did break them out, I was always searching for this or that paper with important info doodled on it, or the photo corners, or realize I did not have the
prints I needed...things just got too hectic. I am hoping that blogging will help chronicle our family history. Yes, it is not as individualized, but it is easier to blog(probably cause I can nurse a baby and type at the same time!) than record items in a baby book. So, here is Jude, just few days ago, thinking about walking over to the computer or magazine. Ah yes, both are so tempting. My sweet baby about to walk walking.
Oh, and a few things! Remember that silly camera pic I took, of stuff in my pantry, for clickinmoms pantry challenge? I got a starbucks card for it(I will drive an hour to the neighboring town for starbucks, yak know, lol). :) Score! 

And, every monday, clickinmoms blog has a macrolicious monday pic, and my pics have been on there 2x now. see?  and see?
Yay! I love macro. It is like therapy. Like crazy yoga breathing. Seriously, it makes me so crazy happy, I am sure that is abnormal.

Oh, and I am fickle. Last post, no round corners. Was going to ditch 'em, but I changed my mind. And, since writing this post, I changed my mind...again.

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