Tuesday, December 7, 2010

This past weekend, and earlier today...

We went and got our Christmas tree at a choose and cut.

Okay, I just gotta say...if you have a 'choose and cut' in CENTRAL PA, it may be a good idea to have a sign in any other color besides WHITE. Just sayin'.

If you look real close, you can find a toddler here.

I did not get too many pics. It was cold! So, I headed back to the car with Jude and Pete. I am beginning to think that Jude does not like the cold. Anyhow, Paul told Mrs. Erin at library story time that he yelled 'lumber!' when the tree fell. What a goof.

Now, I do have decorating tree pics, as well as St. Nick day pics, but...those will have to wait. Seems like we are really pressed for time these days(imagine that?!!). Anyhow, I did snap some macro pics for ya. You know those metal thingies on the top of the glass bulb ornaments?

Yes, too much running around, being busy. Jude, obviously, agrees. Poor adorable baby...
But, still have some time to sneak out and hunt down snowflakes! he he he...today at lunch, I snuck out. Joe says, "are you taking pics of snowflakes...AGAIN?" Yes, Joe, I am. lol

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