Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Our Lady

Just now getting around to posting the pics of our little Lady of Guadalupe celebration. I love celebrating this day(Dec 12). And, I think celebrating it during advent, in the middle of winter...is. just. perfect. It's a holiday tradition for us now. It all started when I ordered Tomie DePaola's Our Lady of Guadalupe picture book. The story. The illustrations. They touched me so deeply. I loved St. Juan Diego's devotion. He would walk miles during the cold winter, with only a cactus fiber robe(tilma) for warmth, to attend Mass. I love that She chose him, the humblest and simplest of men. I love that she appeared to him in traditional Indian clothes and spoke to him in his language. And  the colors. Oh, the colors. I love the bright vibrant rich colors. They are like a reminder during the solemnity of advent and the harsh bitter coldness of winter that Christmas is coming, and it is all about life. Bright, happy, life. So, here is a little peek, a little taste...get ready. Also, through this story, we are introduced to Mary, who she was, her loving motherly nature, which of course ties into Christmas perfectly. So, we always read the story. And, what did Our Lady say to St. Diego? "Build me a church!" :) And, I think this was probably pretty pleasing to St. Diego, seeing as he would no longer have to walk all that way. he he he ;) So, every year, after we read the story, we 'build a church' out of creme wafers(they are kind peachy, which ties into the colors of the roses in the story, and they are yummy and cheap too).  And, this is kinda like a spin on the gingerbread house tradition. This year, I got the kids a holy card and pin too. And, funny...see that baby in the picture? He was not here this time last year. It is amazing...He has only been here 10 months, yet we cannot imagine life without him. This screeching babbling giggly baby, that must be entertained with a creme wafer(don't juuuuudge me lol), who only a year ago was in utero...amazing.

Oh, and I almost forgot to post this...how could I forget this? Joey lost is two front teeth. It is really hard not to giggle every time he opens his mouth...he he he. He is too cute like this.


  1. I love this! What a neat tradition.

    And, gosh, I feel the same way about Miss Charlotte...amazing that she is here to share in this holiday with us when this time last year, we were anxiously awaiting her, not even knowing she was a "she". <3

    Love the toothless grin too!

  2. This is so neat! Love the way you are living the liturgy with kiddo's!! Tomie De Paola's books are THE best! Especially that one!