Sunday, December 12, 2010

Worst Christmas ornament EVER

Remember how I said that we let the kids put whatever, and you know, I mean whatever, on the Christmas tree? Well, things have gone too far. If you are thinking...'gosh, that looks like a paper towel with a sorry doodle,' then you would be right. I think I need to have a discussion as to what constitutes a Christmas ornament. Yet, it remains on the tree, in plain view, for all to see. Just a lil' reminder that the Adams family ain't right.

The other day, Joe comes home with a box of like, I don't know, 100 or so oranges. lol Now, we like oranges, but this is alot! Joey always wants to make orange juice. I usually say no because it takes alot of oranges. Today, I said yes.

It takes serious philosophical like deep thought to juice an orange. he he he

Cute, right? Well, right after this pic, Pete lost his juicing privliges after running away with the juicer, spilling it, and running away from me, again. Okay, Pete is crazy. I blame it on the whole 3rd kid thing. I have premonitions of schools kicking him out, getting collect calls from jail...Only kidding here, well maybe half kidding...he he he...I think we are going to have to come down on him a little harder...the whole 3rd kid thing. lol

Joey, a real joker. ;) This always makes me think of the 'Godfather,' Anyone else? he he he
Okay, and I just have to say...these orange pics were taken RAW and edited on my new laptop, which needs to be calibrated like no body's bidness. So, if they seem wonky, that is why...I am beginning to think that I am a jpeg kinda gal. Anyhow, speaking of my new compute...I was working on this post last night, and I kept *sighing.* It is an annoying habit that I do not even realize I have. lol Anyhow, Joe comes in, asks, "what is wrong?" I tell him how I miss my mouse. He tells me he is giving me my Christmas present early. He goes off to the kitchen, where we have a big stack of boxes full of secret presents, and he pulls out a wireless mouse. He is too good to me. I don't deserve him. See, every year, Joe and I come up with a very small amount that we each agree to spend on each other's Christmas present. I am always at a loss as to what to get him, and I usually end up getting him something lame like socks or golf balls. He always gets me something *just right.* Something I have needed or wanted, all within our tiny little budget. So, thank you, Joe. :) We will be making orange juice again, today, if you were curious.


  1. Oooh, those oranges looks so good...I love me some juicy oranges, lol! And I actually like the new ornament. ;-)

  2. LOL Kristine...hey, you all should make some of these ornaments...they are really easy to make, lol! I have not had the heart to take it down...he he he

  3. hand squeezed orange juice? I AM impressed. Our middle child, the one who calls himself "Hadji"... he and Joe would get along swimmingly. :)
    and PS the pics are GREAT, and yeah for the mouse, the only time you will be blessing a mouse arrival in your home I assure you ;0