Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I love these un-photographic children

So, I was really excited about getting some super Halloween pics. Maybe I could go out into the yard during the golden hour. Place them in front of the pretty fall foliage. Or, maybe I will play with sun flare. Oh yes, these were going to be great.
Then, for two days, the sky looked like this.
Oh *sigh*

Now, I am not complaining, because, wow, I am blessed, and, wow, do I ever love my life. But...the sky looks like this alot here. Maybe not this gray, but cloudy. I miss the sun. Funny, the day I post this, it is nice and sunny today!
I try to take some pics outside anyhow.

This is a very cold toddler. Too cold mommy!

Okay, scratch that. We head inside.
Pete is acting crazy, will not stay still. I give him a prop. lol
He actually enjoys this prop.

I ask him to show me his 'force.'

He thinks about it for a bit.

And then, he does it!

Thanks Pete!

Then, I try to get a pic of all 4 boys...Jude got close to getting a concussion. Won't even show ya those pics. Scratch that.

I head back outside for a pic of 3 of the boys.

Pete, what are you doing?!??!!!
Ugh, forget it you guys. Let's head inside. From L to R: Jango Fett, Astronaut, Darth Vader.

What about Jude! He is a Tootsie Roll and so cute. Ah yes, this is the best I could get.
Wait! Stop! Too fast. Jude. Just hold on for one second...oh never mind.

The kids had a great time trick-or-treating. Pete was especially cute. This is the first year he 'got' it. He was so excited running up to the doors, saying 'twickortweat.' I love the first year a child 'gets' Halloween. It is usually around age 2 for us...It is so cute to see. Pete insisted on being Darth Vader. Jude was a Tootsie Roll because for years Joey has wanted the 'baby' to be a Tootsie Roll. Joey, just messing with Pete, kept telling him that he was going to be the Tootsie Roll. Pete would yell, "NO! I am Darth Vader." Then, he would come and ask me, to reassure himself that he was not going to be the Tootsie Roll. lol

And look! Joey is not the only one who brings home art from school. This is from Paul.

Happy Halloween!

We celebrated All Saints day with some dress up fun. :)
L to R: Saint Michael, St. Joseph with infant Jesus, St. Francis, St. Joseph with blooming staff(When Joey decided to be St. Joseph, Pete decided to follow suit).

I went to Mass and then got to sit next to my Joey during the 7th grade's guess-what-saint-I-am production. It was fun. :) I love watching Joey at Mass, being a spy...ha ha ha!!! The boys were so good too.

Happy All Saints Day!

And, just for kicks, clickinmoms had a challenge to photog whatever was in your pantry, creatively. This is my new camera. lol

Oh my gosh...how could I forget this! Pete eating a bone finger loli from Grandma(who comes tomorrow!!! YAY!)
What a funny face.

And, Paul is not ready to put away the angel wings, just yet. :)

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