Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's still Christmas, okay?!!

This time of year...right after Christmas...always feels a tad sad. Why? Because, it is still Christmas, but the day, the *big* day is gone, so it doesn't really *feel* like Christmas. But it should...what can I do to make it last?!! Epiphany has not come yet. We are still on Christmas break. Decorations, lights, tree, nativities, they are all still up. Why do I feel this way? I guess half the fun of Christmas is the anticipation/preparation, and that is gone. Like Christmas is the top of the belle curve, the climax, and we are on a slow decline down now. Ah well. NO! I vow to make it super Christmas-y around here. I am going to bake Christmas cookies with the kids. I will not forget to have the kids open a pocket in the Advent-Christmas-Epiphany calendar today. I will sing Christmas songs. 
So, remember that Christmas tree decoration Joey brought home from art? Well, right after he put it up, Paul admired it and decided to make one of his own. Then, he plastered it right next to Joey's.
  The fact that I let the kids just over-tape their artwork on the windows shows a no-shame approach to home decorating. That aside...Paul's tree says "Joey and Paul." He loves Joey to pieces. He thinks he is so cool. The coolest. I love that. Paul is getting bigger. Someday, it will be hard to distinguish who is the little brother. They will just be peers. And, we sense a little sibling rivalry at times, which is why this made me laugh. I think you can view this one of two ways...maybe Paul is imitating Joey because He admires him, or maybe this is the tree-competition window, and Paul is humming the tune to 'anything you can do I can do better..." lol No, I am kidding. I am sure Paul was just imitating Joey, as he did write "Joey and Paul" all over his tree. These trees just appeared as we noticed Paul catching up to Joey in wit and height, along with a lil' rivalry here or there. Along these same lines...Paul will draw/create this or that and just post his art to the fridge or tape it up somewhere. He just totally bypasses me! He has never asked me to hang something up. I find that odd. So, there is this corner in the house the boys love to occupy. It is between the radiator and book case. Nice and warm. The other day, Paul hung up his artwork on the bookcase. And, he was outraged when Pete tried to take it down. It was like his special space that he decorated.

Some more kiddy art...the other night, Joey drew a floor plan of our downstairs. It prompted us to ask him to draw a floor plan of his 'dream' House. Just for fun. Here are the highlights of Joey's 
'dream house.'
 From L to R: Magicians in the living room, droids that clean(great idea, thanks Joey), and a launching pad for planes or rockets. HA!

I have something to admit. I am really embarrassed and ashamed to admit it, but it's kinda funny. I drove 25 minutes to the nearest grocery store only to have a mama tantrum inside. So, let me explain. I get there. I start shopping. The parsnips are rotten. The carrots are rotten. They have no dill. The English parsley is rotten. Ya know, this happens alot here. The voice in my head keeps saying, "no biggee. I will just make something else." I take some deep breaths, continue to shop. I make it to the baking isle. No cornmeal. No &^%#! cornmeal. What the &^%! Okay, so this was the last straw. I LOSE it. I pull the baby outta the cart, and I say, "come on Joey, Paul, Pete, hey Pete, Pete, PETE! Come on. We are leaving." And I stomp out with 4 confused kids in tow, leaving my half-full cart in the middle of the isle. I am ashamed. But, half of me kinda sorta blames the sorry grocery store that has such a pathetic stock. Okay, I know that is immature. I should have re-shelved all the items. Really, this is so not like me. I really am a nice person. Really! Anyhow, we get home, I tell Joe, and then Joey re-enacts the whole scene for him, doing this silly stomp-off. We laughed about it for the rest of the evening. I then had to tell the kids that what did was rude and that losing your temper is never, ever, okay. Joey told me I am forgiven. What a sweet boy. And, Joe continues to crack jokes. But, I am glad I left and drove another half hour, because I bought something that I have not had in a long time. Raspberries. We used to pick them wild, along with blackberries. I miss that. The stores here never carry raspberries or blackberries. But, Wegman's does! I love Wegs. Shopping there seriously makes me happy. HA! 

Of course, Jude tried some...for the first time!

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