Thursday, December 9, 2010

Almost Christmas...

And, boy, it is starting to look like it! We are not ready. Not even kinda. I have not even gotten the new advent wreath I ordered. Yes, I know, long story...sigh...anyhow...every year, before advent, I vow to not get too busy. To enjoy advent, and all the wonderful longing and preparations for Christmas. But, every year, about this time, that plan falls by the way side. Maybe it's because I am a procrastinator. Maybe it is because we have 4 kids. he he he I don't know. I just find myself longing for some pre-Christmas peace while I run around like a chicken with its head cut off. And, I always vow to have a smaller Christmas...yet...every year, that does not happen. We do try to keep it simple, but...oh well, maybe next year...doh!
Here are some Christmas-y pics. :) You know what I love about shooting wide open? BOKEH! Our Christmas tree looks pretty sorry. I mean, don't get me wrong, *I* think it is awesome, and so do the kids, but comparatively speaking, it is pretty sad. We let the kids put the ornaments on all by themselves, so one branch may have 5 while entire sections are bare. We don't have enough store bought ornaments, overall. And, whatever the kids make, and I mean, whatever, we let them put it on the tree. Our tree is a mini reflection of our life...bright, fun, messy, Anyhow, back to the bokeh thing...okay, so when you shoot wide open, the background of your room is blurred. This comes in really handy when the background of your room is full of toys, laundry, cookie crumbs, and what not. *poof* they are blurred out. lol And, with the Christmas tree...see how pretty it looks? :)

And, because I love oof shots, here are some pics of the lights...

Joey made this in art. :)
Funny how much it looks like the real light bokeh!
About all those hand made ornaments. They make me happy, every year. I cannot believe it has been 4 years already since Joey started making ornaments in preschool. Every year when we pull them out, I look at him and wonder how he has grown up so much more...time is such a thief. I love my time with these boys so so very much. I know these are the best years of my life, and I have vowed to capture every moment I can. :) Here is one of the fanciest ones he made in preschool, and one of my favorites. Little baby Jesus...
 A peanut! lol
Merry almost Christmas!!!

Oh, and there is always time for snowflake photography. ;)


  1. Love. that. snowflake!! Love all the shots...particularly the first (although I already said so on CM, lol). I love the colored bokeh...I'm taking my camera along to a playdate Tuesday b/c I know my friend has colored lights on her tree. Luckily she's into photography too and won't think I'm a complete weird, lol.

  2. :) Thanks! Oh, I totally get ya! I have to resist pulling my camera out when around sweet babies and toddlers. lol All photog mamas should all get together and have a big photo fest, to satisfy that photo By the way, I LOVE your portfolio in progress...beautiful work!!! Definitely watching it! :)