Friday, April 1, 2011

Not much goin' on...

Have been kinda blah on blogging and photography...I don't know...kind of in a creative rut and not feeling like editing. The other day, Paul got all of his Army dress up clothes on, and I had to snap a few though.

Since he was 3, Paul has been telling us that he is going to be an "Army guy."
When I was taking these pics, I wondered...will he? Maybe? Someday? I don't know. Who knows. Probably not. I mean, I wanted to be a ballerina when I was 3. I am not a ballerina these days, by the way.

 Someday, will I tearfully look at my tiny little soldier in these pics, knowing that he is fighting a war somewhere...for real? I don't know.
I do know that there are moms out there that did have little soldiers grow up to be the real thing, and God Bless them. I pray for them. I am proud of them, and I would be proud of my son if that is what he did. But, I would be heartbroken with worry. I know that. Today, he is just my tiny pretend soldier though, so I will stop allowing myself to think about the what-ifs. LOL

I sold my beloved 60mm macro to fund the 100mm macro. Why? I wanted to use the macro with my film camera as well as my digi, and the 60mm does not work with my film camera, but the 100mm does. There ya go.  I decided to make sure it was sharp...

So, first up are some Spring blooms!

Then, I decided to see how it works as a portrait lens.
Whoa, 100mm on a crop is tiiiiigggghhht! Too close mama...back up!


Hey Paul, I need you to be my model!!!
 Um. Thanks Paul. Really. Good Job. Nice.

With a longer working distance, these type of shots are easier. :) 
This is a shot I will be working on...

We had Joey's first reconciliation this past weekend. I bought him a bow tie for the occasion.

 And I played around with window light from a big stained glass window until Joe nearly lost his patience. Nearly...

It was hard to keep the baby entertained. Joe propped him up on the ledge, next to that stained glass window.
 Look Daddy! A chain just for me. I am going to yank it.

This is Jude's face right after Daddy said 'no.'
Jude understands no, don't let him fool you by acting like he is a wee baby that does not know what you are saying...oh, he knows. Trust me.

As you can tell, Mama was no holds barred in taking pics, mwahahaha!!! 

Oh the bow tie. So cute. 

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  1. beautiful shots! Love the little army man series ;) My three year old is the same way!