Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Light, where are you?
It is sunny and bright out today. Early morning sunshine was filtering in through a back room, so I did a quick test...wow, I thought...this is the brightest window light we have had all year. I can actually use a ss above 100. 
 I grabbed Jude. Who, by the way, is NOT a cooperative model.
 Would you believe me if I told you...
 that I still had to use a reflector...
 and my flash?
For real. I need me some brighter light.


  1. Boo lighting!! Photography would be so much easier if not so dependent on light! LOL... another reason I'm pushing you toward the d700... ISO 6400 is still LOVELY!! ;)

  2. LOL Lacey! Oh, girl, there is a nikon v. canon war in my head, lol!!! Canon is up by a point, cause of the macro lens affordability, but nikon is making a pretty good case with the d700, lol! I have GOT to go play with both. :)

  3. Reflector, poor lighting...these are still gorgeous shots of your little guy!! I love the softness of the natural light. Just beautiful. It's been gloomy here and I too get frustrated when the lighting is not to my liking for taking photos. No external flash here so it stinks even more. I too would love to play with the d700...I'm just trying to tell myself I am good with what I have. Not easy!