Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just a day in the life...

of this silly family. :) I had to clear my memory card a sec ago. I hate when I go to take a pic and it is full. This happens alot. I am trying to get better about uploading/editing/re-formating the card. I found some pics I took last night, this morning, and today. All really cute stuff, of course. :)

Last night...
These two...they are starting to interact. Chase each other, play games. The other day, the other boys were getting ready to go outside, and Jude was screeching at the door. Pete says, "Mom, just let him go outside." 
Real trouble makers, these two.

I am trying to do my own black and white conversions, desperate to find a method I like. 

This morning.
Hey, not bad for iso1600, lol. Look, someone picked up the books(they are down again now).
Pete has an imaginary friend named 'Bingo.' The name alone tells me he is probably a pretty cool guy. He is really little though, cause sometimes Pete carries him in his hands. He has a monster named 'Jimmy' too. Bingo is always messing up the books, along with Jude, Pete tells me. Good thing Pete is so cute.

It was nice outside today, again.

This baby.
With a runny nose.

A tiny piece of chalk he found on the ground.

And his big brother's helmut.

Having the time of his life.


  1. Great photos. I love the bike helmet on the little one!

  2. Hello Heidi,
    I think I've visited before, but now I'm following! Love your photos! You are doing a great job with all of them! I especially like the one with the reflected cross in your little man's eyes. Gorgeous and creative! Thanks for stopping by!