Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I should be making dinner, but...

I choose to take pictures, edit pictures, and blog instead. I am sure you understand. lol 
It is Joe's late night. Making dinner is a little harder when he is not here, so, I don't know, I stall. Looks like fritatta and toast again.
I have been obsessed with blanket pics lately. I love the simplicity of them. It's just your subject and the blankie. I spent a good amount of the day looking for blankie pic inspiration, and pinning my favorites to pinterest. lol So, I decide to play around. 
Jude was just not having it today. I got one shot, not great, but the only one. 
Playing around with editing, can ya tell?
He just won't look at me!
Hold on, I gotta go make the fritatta real quick.

Okay, I am back.

So, I had this super idea...I told the boys to take off their shirts and lie on the bed.
Hey you guys. Just try to look natural, k?
Yes, Pete, look right there. 
Oh were you wondering where Jude was?
 Here he is. 
He only made it in a couple of pics because most of the time it went like this.

Oh, and Joey's face...that is apparently his do not smile but look natural face I asked him to make. Riiiiiiiight.

Okay boys, never mind! Go play...yes, you can keep your shirts off. 

Hold on, I gotta go pull out the fritatta.
Awesome. When Joe comes home, it is going to look like I actually had a plan.

And now I have a few seconds to finish my thoughts.

So, I am going to spice up my blog. I have been looking around at templates and what not. 
Have you seen the new blog designs at ProPhotoBlogs?
My sissy is one of the talented gals at Luxecetera, who have some designs up there. So proud of her. 
Anyhow...I love these! Would it be weird if I bought one, seeing as I am just a mama-blogger and not a pro? I am seriously tempted. 
I made spicy coleslaw to go with the fritatta, by the way. Does not really 'go' with it all that well, but who cares! ;)

Oh, and this is Jude these days...using utensils!
 Hey, you gotta start somewhere.
Okay, I gotta go finish the toast, get the shirtless boys to set the table and, again, act like I had a plan when Joe walks through the door. 


  1. Oh my! That first shot is just adorable!!! Not good, eh hummm...It's great! I like the editing as well. Did you use a flash for these? Love the boys all together as well! Adorable! Love your story! I should be practicing piano with my son right now ;) bye!

  2. Awww, thanks Tracy! :) I just cannot get him to look at me, lol. He is staring at the fan. lol. I guess that is okay...I don't know, lol! I was not sure of the processing. I go back and forth between liking it and thinking it is too desaturated. I am trying to tone down the saturated digi colors after trying films that were desaturated. :) Yes, every pic above is with bounced flash. :) I heart my flash!

  3. Oh man this makes me want to learn my flash! Love the ones of all your boys, this post got more funny and cutier with each picture! Jude is better with utensils than my daughter, she just holds the spoon in one hand and shovels the food in with her other hand. I think she likes to think it's faster that way. Lol

  4. Heidi... DO it!! Treat yourself to a new blog! Not that yours isn't great... ;) But, seriously, no it wouldn't be odd for you to get one! I didn't know that they have these cute templates!! I'm tempted....

    And, I LOVE that series of your boys. ;)

  5. Heidi, that first shot is to.die.for gorgeous! I love love love the shirtless boys on the bed, you should try it again with the baby. And you should totally splurge on a ProPhoto Blog. I'm a hobbyist and I got one and I don't regret it for a second! Thanks for turning me on to your sister's work, I've been browsing and gushing for the last 15 minutes. Love!!!!

  6. Oh I love this Heidi! It's just such a glimpse into REAL life. I say go for the ProPhoto blog ... no harm in getting what you want, even if you're not in business. Mamas need "nice" things too (not that your current blog isn't nice ...) Love seeing your boys ... great pics!

  7. You have a beautiful family :) Love how you get the boys eyes so sharp and clear. I wish I was able to do that. I have also been looking into blogs and really like the look of Prophoto. From what I have read they are easy to use as well. But, since I'm new to blogging I opted for a Cinnamon Girl template cuz of price and blogger is free. Maybe next year I will upgrade.

  8. What a gorgeous family you have, I adore those first photos.

  9. I love those photo. The reflection of the fan is so cool :)
    I am wanting a new blog design in the worst way. I am going to go check it out :)

  10. HA..what a fun post. I run around like a crazy person picking things up right before my husband walks through the door!! LOL!!

  11. I love your post, and I can so relate! The first photo is awesome, love! And I love the last one too :)

  12. Those photos are cracking me up! Love it! (oh, and the fritatta? YUM!)

    Stopping by from ClickinMom's and enjoying your blog, can't wait to read more!


  13. O blimey , Heidi how adorable are they?
    I miss mine being babies so much :(

  14. Love the group shot of the boys! I love me some frittata too!!!!