Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Light, baby!

The other day, we got outside for a bit. Pete shed big tears when daddy told him he could not go fishing with him and Joey, and to remedy that, I tied a string onto the end of a stick and let him go 'fishing' in our flooded back yard. 
It worked.
 Ya know, I am so not happy with my full body outside pics. Exposure, color, sharpness, everything. This is something I need to work on. Anywho, this is the best shot. What a goof.

And, the clouds parted, revealing blue, yes blue, skies. 
I don't see skies like this here as often as I would like. I know, I know, I have mentioned this before. It is just amazing to me...this lack of light. See, I know better. I know what it *should* be like. Or atleast how I think it should be. I am not from here, where it is so gray, so often.
 I have always lived where skies like this are just an ordinary part of my day.
These past two-ish years, looking up and seeing gray. Looking up and not seeing these blue skies...Has been hard to swallow. Light, sunshine...it really does impact you in such a happy and positive way. Today, as I type this, the sky is the usual light gray, again. I look forward to seeing some blue skies again.

Daffodils are in bloom. No leaves on the trees yet though(this is yet another thing that seems totally abnormal to me-it is mid April...where are the leaves?!!).
Oh, my shiny yella boots gettin' lotsa use. And, you see that gray sky trying to sneak into my pretty blue sky?!!!

As I snapped this or that, I chased this.
Jude loves being outside.

Oh the light. Back to the light. I miss light so much. So so much. Sometimes it creeps in though, and when it does, oh boy do I ever notice it. Like yesterday when I picked Jude up after he woke up form his nap. The harsh light of the setting sun was casting dramatic shadows in the stairway.
Look at that tiny little man shadow. Luuuuuuuuve him.

As I made my way down the stairs, the light coming in through the living room and dining room was so yummy. I also love that I walked in on Joey and Paul playing together. What cutie pies. 
Oh pretty early evening sun, I love you. See how yummy the light is in the living room. No, not the book mess silly(Jude's latest and greatest trick), the light. Look at the light. Not the books.

I plopped Jude and Pete down just as the sun was getting lower, and played around with some crazy sun flare.
Sweet Pete, I love you, even if you steal Jude-y's baby treats.

Whooooo mom, calm down! Too much flare, tooooo much flare!!!!!!!!

Jude, you are so cute.

Mom!!! You got carried away again. To much flare! Toooo much flare!!!!

And then...Palm Sunday came...Holy Week is here.
I drove and hour to the big-good-grocery-store and got all the goods for our Thursday Seder(I am making lamb and homemade flat bread), Friday meal(Italian-y soup with clams), and Easter dinner(ham and green beans and homemade biscuits, of course!)  :) Yum Yum. Oh, and I should not be the one to buy Easter candy for the baskets because I went overboard. It's about to be fat city up in here.
Oh, and Joey has started a new project! His very own photoblog. He does everything. The pics, the text, he even came up with the name, lol. 

Have a great Holy Week! ;)


  1. is there really such a thing as too much light flair?!?! ;)

  2. Love the sun flare! And we love Zingo at our house, too! :)

  3. Umm, my list of what I was going to comment on is longer than usual--thanks to your long post! he, he!!
    1-So Joey is your son! He or you posted a comment on my blog! Cool! Tell him I said that's awesome!
    2-I wanted to say that I did notice the light first and then the books. So kudos on capturing good light!
    3-I like your blue skies photos! Especially since it's been awfully grey here!
    Okay, I think that's it for now! Daffodils, I need some here, too!

  4. Oh, and lovely Palm Sunday "wreath"!

  5. Catherine, too funny...I was logged in with Joey's name...that was me. ;) LOL