Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Balloons...in my bed!

The other night, I took Jude up to my room to nurse him to sleep. I pull back the covers of my bed, and I see this.
At first, I thought they were trees. Maybe leaves. Then....ah yes, of course, balloons...in ink. I quietly grabbed Joe. We had to sleuth it out and figure out who did this. I figured it had to be one of the older boys, because these are pretty well drawn balloons. I just knew they would try to pin it on Peter, so we had to be sly. We called Joey in the room first. Wasn't Joey. We called Paul in the room. Wasn't Paul. We had our doubts. We called Peter in the room. Pete gets on the bed, tells us they are balloons, and shows us which balloon belonged to which brother. It *was* Peter! When we told him (again by the way) that he could only draw on paper, nothing else, he says, "I wanted to turn it into paper." Pete, that does not fly, bud. After a good tongue lashing(okay, not really, more like, Honey do not do that again. Only draw on paper. These are pretty balloons), Joe and I just smiled and laughed when the kids were not looking. 
I love my new balloon sheets. I hope the ink is colorfast.
Then I had a little re-shoot with Jude on the blanket.
Trying to get him to actually LOOK at me and SMILE.
 Smile? Check. Look at me? Uh, not so much...can't tell to be honest.

Look at me? Check. Smile. Nah.

Look at me? Check. Smile? Almost!

I have been thinking about this photography thing. Where am I going with this? What are my goals? When I first bought my dslr my one goal was to take better pics of my kids, to capture the beauty I saw in my mind's eye but could not reproduce in jpeg format. I wanted to take pics at home that were professional quality. I think I have acheived that goal. Sure, there is always, always, more to learn, and I am far from perfect, but yes, that goal has been met. Yet, I want to keep growing. I want to get better. I keep raising the bar on the standards I set for myself. This is a consuming hobby, lemme tell you. Where am I going with this now? Specifically? Presently, I want to get better with post processing. I might try Lightroom. We'll see. ;) I want to try Off Camera Flash. I want to shoot some new faces in new places. I cannot wait for the trees to green up and play around with some greenery bokeh. :) I might give my blog a little face lift.
What are your goals?


  1. Love your post today! And I love the sheets...precious and what a keepsake. Beautiful photos!

  2. I'm glad you're cherishing your balloon sheets. I'm not sure I'd be so forgiving. :) And, it could be way worse... like the cut I have in one of my couches. :(

    Ohh... goals... I'm right there with you sister! Big goals lead to practicing much patience. :)

  3. Hi Hiedi! We took NL 101 together. :) I've been following you blog for a while, your pictures are amazing! Your boys are adorable too! I always enjoy your posts.

  4. Ok, Jude is beyond cute. And so are Pete's balloons.

    My goal is to push myself to the next level. Whatever that level may be. I feel...stuck.

  5. Thank you ladies! :)

    Tracy, yes, I agree on the keepsake, if the balloons do not wash off, I am saving this sheet. :)

    Hi Melissa!!! :) I miss having the NL assignments, lol!!! That was fun, right? :)

    Kristine, I hear ya...I feel the same way...I think we all feel that way at times. I am ready to shoot some diff stuff, play around with editing more...I have felt stagnant.

    Lacey, I know, lol. We are too easy on this Pete. He is just too funny! I think if it was all scribbly I would have been more mad, but the balloons...see, what am I saying, how can I justify this?!! We let him get away with murder! LOL!!!

  6. I totally miss the class! So much fun!

  7. I love love love the balloons on the sheets. Made me smile:) Your boys are beyond cute by the way:) You've got your hands full Momma!

  8. Love, love, love those balloons on the sheets! My hubby & I would also be totally laughing behind closed doors about that one...I hope they don't wash out!!!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous photos! And I was also thinking... keep the sheets!! That will be such a wonderful keepsake. :)