Tuesday, October 5, 2010

This past weekend

So, Joe calls me at 5:00PM on Friday and says, "I am on the way home. Get the kids in their mud boots and a sweatshirt and tell them to go outside." I don't ask why anymore. So, he comes home, they meet him outside dressed as requested.
I go outside to witness this.
No, this is not a pond. It is our flooded backyard. Every time it rains, we have a foot or two of water. See, this is why I love Joe so much. I would have never thought of this. He thinks like a little boy would. And because of this, the kids are always having so much little boy fun. Why wouldn't you navigate your canoe through your flooded backyard? They had a blast. Now, if you think this is funny(neighbors came out and took pics, by the way), then just wait until you see our ice skating pictures...
This is a very cold Peter. Yet, he wanted to back in.

Joey brought this home from school Friday. So pretty.
They are working on perspective, which is why he made some leaves lighter. What a cutie pie.

Paul found his old Beatrix Potter book. Read a few stories to the kids.

 Now, my sister tells me she will never read Beatrix Potter again because one story was terribly sad(some cats died because of bad parenting or something like that). Now, I have not come across this story yet! But, yes, I have to admit, there are some harsh life lessons in some of these stories. After all, Peter's father became rabbit pie, for goodness sake! But, the kids love these things. You should see Paul's face.  The suspense and then relief when some silly animal cheats death.

And, today, thinking about candids, vowing to capture more of these silly boys in their 'natural habitat,'
I turned the corner and saw this today.
He cracked a smile under the dinosaur nose. Pretended he did not see me. Hey, did you also notice the Godzilla tail and sheriff badge?

Well, after one pic, he attacked.
I pretended to be very very scared.

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