Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall leaves and such

This past weekend, we do what we do every year in the Fall...we rake up a huge pile of leaves and let the kids play in them. Over the years, we have collected lotsa funny pictures of the kids being goofy in a big o'l pile of leaves.
This year was no exception.
I think Pete had the most fun with it all.

Can you find the toddler in this pictrue?

Jude had a good time too. But, he did not like it when leaves landed on him.

Joey always has fun throwing leaves.

Then, Joe says, "hey, use the timer and get a family pic." So, I throw it on auto, set the camera on self timer, place on top of the charcoal caddy, and this is what we got.
Not the best pic. But you know what? It shows us as we really are(mama has messy hair, no make-up, and mismatched clothes, the kids are not wearing anything nice, I am trying to prevent Pete from whacking me in the face with a stick, Jude is just fidgeting around, and Paul is grumpy), so I love it.

Then, I took some blurry pics. On purpose. For fun. lol

While we were outside, the kids water color painted on a table Joey made. Yes, Joey. Joe dismantled some wooden bunk beds we had. The wood was just in a pile outside. When Joey was playing outside, Joey ran inside for some screws and a screw driver. He then pieced the wood together, piece by piece, until a table top was made. He referenced his boy scout book and learned a new trick: if you slide a screw in soap, it goes into the wood easier. He was so excited about this. Honest, he did this all by himself. Joe put some legs on it for him. It is not the sturdiest thing, but it works. Here are the watercolors...he made me an early birthday card and painted some flowers. On the flower painting, he painted, 'for mom.' :)

And, ever since Paul found that Potter book, we have been reading it. This was too funny. Look at this scared cat! He is about to be cat pudding for Samuel Whiskers and his shrill wife, Anna Maria(do not worry, he was saved!). What a funny illustration.

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