Thursday, October 7, 2010

Finished project and stair climbing!

Jude is crazy fast. He has been crawling for a month or two. He has been cruising too. He is balancing now. ACK! This is all too much too fast. None of my babies have ever crawled or cruised this early. I keep telling him to stop it. Too much work for mama. I guess he wants to keep up with his brothers. *sigh* It is cute.
Here he is crawling stairs! EEEK!

I made him go on the other side cause he was making me nervous.

I finally finished Jude's bulky hat, and just in time. It is getting chilly here.
So...kinda finished. I hate that I do this with my knitting, but I cannot help myself. I obsess with how it looks, take it apart, change it. There is a pom on top, but I have changed my mind...I want a knot instead. So, I have the top undone right now. I will finish that knot today. Then, I have to(HAVE. TO.) finish his kimono sweater before he outgrows it.
So, I wanted to get a pic of him wearing it. Gosh, that is easier said than done. This kid is too fast. These are the types of pics I usually get of Jude...

Totally oof, rushing towards mama.
ay yi yi.

Okay, try again...he rushes towards me. I stand up to get away. He's too fast! He stands up and latches onto my shirt! 

Try again! Almost...Oh no! Here he comes!

Better distract him...okay, this is the best I can do.
Here is Jude in his new hat. :)

So, I have been meaning to post this. Isabelle Lafrance has a *free* PDF workshop for PS and/or PSE. It was great! She gives you one photo to use and walks you through the steps in editing it. Each PDF lesson takes just a sec. So helpful! I have been doing my own color pops ever since. Had to share. :)

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