Monday, October 18, 2010


To start the post off is the sweetest baby ever. I was playing around with iso in our dark bedroom. I actually woke this baby up when I snapped a pic. But, he was happy to be awake, apparently, so I snapped these. He has been a terror at night, but you can't really tell from these pics, can ya? This past weekend was fun. We rented a big carpet cleaner from Lowes(that was not the fun part, just mentioning it). WOW. I cannot believe how dirty our carpets were. We also played in the leaves. I tried to take a family picture, setting the camera on timer. Worst picture ever. But, it is really funny, so maybe if I can steal some time, I will post it. I don't think we have had a family picture since...before Peter? Can that be right?!??!! Hey, funny, if you look real close you can see me in Jude's eye, lol. Joe made plans to go fishing for steelhead in Erie next weekend. He will take Joey. They have to sneak out without Paul freaking out. They should have a great time. We are having trouble finding waders that fit a 7 year old though...Hey, Eva, if you are reading this, Jude is wearing one of Danny's rompers, so thank you! ;) Jude is clapping! It is super cute. I volunteered to teach a lesson at boy scouts Wednesday, and I still don't know what I am going to do. I need to get on that. It is getting cold here. I sneaked over to McDonalds and got one of their fancy coffees. I got the kids hot coco. Shhh...don't tell Joe. And, I did this despite telling McDonalds that I would never ever patronize them again after they refused to honor my expired 'free coffee' card. he he he. Okay, to be honest, I am writing anything to fill this space. This picture looks good to the left, but I had all this dead space.   

Finished Jude's sweater. :)
Joe says, "hey, you should make these and sell them." He is always saying stuff like that. A real entreprenuer. I told him it takes too long. I have no time. He asks, how long did it take you to make this? I say, "I started it when Peter was a baby." End of discussion. Yes, that is a lens cap. No, he was not interested in the baby toys. You do what you gotta do to get the shot.

Some pictures are prettier in color...sweet baby hands...

and lips...

I love kimonos.

We read a book inbetween all of this.

I love how babies look from the back sitting up. See Pete too?

Then we read another book. This picture is for my mom(who I miss dearly and has been begging me to get in the frame) and for the kids who probably will want pictures of me, not them, when they get older.

And, I kid you not, this is a note I found Saturday night. Joe wrote it to Joey and Paul when Pete was around, I guess.
1. They did not clean the 3rd floor.
2. They did tell Pete about the corn maze.

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