Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The photog bug...

Joey got it right after I got it. He asked for a camera for his 7th birthday. 
Here is Joey taking a picture of mommy taking a picture of Joey. he he he.
 He loves taking pics as much as I do, and he takes pictures of everything(me too!). This is fun. I LOVE seeing what inspires a 7 year old.  He has taken pics of his brothers sleeping, his messy dad's closet(he admitted to partly staging it to get a 'messier' pic), street signs, etc. The other night, we went to a spaghetti dinner up at school. He looked out the window and saw a beautiful Autumn sunset. He turned to me and said, "AH man! I knew I should have brought my camera!" lol 
Last week, he asked if he could take his camera to the grocery store. Why not? This was the funniest grocery store trip ever. I giggled the whole time as he snapped away.
Here are some of the things he took pics of.

One added bonus of Joey taking pics is that I am in some of them. See?
Snap away Joey!

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