Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dinner is super funny here...and other stuff

The other night, at dinner, Jude wanted milk. Mostly because everyone else had milk. So, I get up to get a sippy or bottle, you know, what 16 month old babies use to drink milk out of. Joe says, "no, just let him have a cup," as he hands my baby boy milk in a mason jar. Yeah, that's right, we use mason jars. Big rednecks. No, honest, in my defense, they are nearly indestructible, and with four boys, you need indestructible. 
What ensued? Oh heavens to Betsy(when you drink outta mason jars, you get to say those kinda things).

Oh, that green stuff on his chin is Kale. I am having a love affair with kale right now. It absorbs flavah' so well. Love it.

Speaking of silly dinner antics...Jude is not the only funny one at the table. Pete has been pretending to fall asleep at the table. 
Not sleeping here. Not even kinda convincing. He gets 3 stars for trying.

Busted. You are sooo not sleeping for real.

Then the funniest thing happened.
 He actually fell asleep...for real...not kidding. Funny Petey.

We went to a kiddy amusement park today. Pete had so much fun.
This is what happens when I ask Pete to smile. LOL

And just for the fun of it...water drop on clover with super dark black and white conversion, why not.

And, well, that is what we have been up to. lol :) You know, I am coming up on a year of blogging. I have really loved it. :) I love taking the time to look at these pictures, write down my thoughts. I love my life. I have also loved connecting with other like minded people. I enjoy reading other mama photography blogs. It is nice to see, that in this big world, there are crazy camera face moms like me. They rock.;) I also love that family from afar gets a peek into our life without having to travel hundreds of miles. The internet is a beautiful thing.

But, with the good also comes the bad. Being here online, I put myself out there for both praise and criticism. And, this past week, I got some brutal criticism. As much as I like to say that I don't care what others think, it is hard to let insults just roll off your back.
So, just to get it off my chest, heal a little bit, allow me to say this...

I never picked up a camera to impress some stranger on some message board. I picked up a camera to document this beautiful, blessed, life I have. The beauty I saw in my mind's eye could not be replicated with my P&S on auto. I am more interested in showing you pictures that document our life than showing you pictures that show my technical camera proficiency.

I never picked up a camera with the goal of going pro. I don't have plans on going into business. So, I don't really need anyone telling me that my work is not pro quality.

Here, this is photography for the love of it and for the love of life. 


  1. Heidi, tell me who criticized you, I'll get them. You are amazing, please don't listen to them.

  2. Your Jude guy has some amazing eyes!! Love the pic of him peaking from behind the mason jar! I don't see "redneck" by the way with those jars, I see "garden chic" :) Little Pete seems pretty funny too! So cute!

  3. Wow - people are really amazing, aren't they? I just sort of found your blog, but literally my first thougth was {drool}, man does she take awesome pics! They are so crisp, so clean and so beautiful. Obviously if someone was going to take the time to come on to your blog and bash you, they possibly have a few other "issues" or maybe they've recently gone off their meds? Whether you ever intended to go "pro" or whether you ever will is what it is, but the fact is that you do, actually, take professional quality photographs and the other jerk is wrong. Simple. as. that. :)

  4. Your dinner images made me giggle. The progression of your son drinking milk out of a big "cup" is wonderful. As for Pete, LOL! I love the fake sleeping with the smile and then him actually sleeping-hilarious. Your images are gorgeous! I know that people hurt your feelings and tore you down, but remember that you are loved and so is your work <3 <3 <3

  5. oh no, not the MB i am thinking?!?! and please... you ARE pro worthy for sure! Seriously, I come here and DROOL over your tack sharp photos. I had to stop asking "DId you shoot that w/your speedlite? Your macro? Your... etc. etc. etc. because I was turning into a photo settings stalker! Plus, you are taking photos of your family that they will always cherish... and that makes them perfect! :)

  6. I just came back to your blog to check on how you're posting your photos--cause they are not losing any sharpness on Blogger. They look crisp and beautiful! So, I was going to join in with Jude and pepper you with questions! LOL

    One of these days you'll have to fill me in on the drama--mostly so I know who to stay away from. You just keep doing your thing for YOU and never mind anyone else's agenda.

  7. PS I loved this week's series. Petey falling asleep was quite cute!

  8. You all are all sooo sweet, thank you! :heart

    Jude, ILP drama...a place you have to tread lightly at, known for drama...probably a good place I should avoid! LOL

    And Jude and Catherine, I love questions!!! Ask me anything, anytime. ;)

  9. These totally crack me up. Every one of your dinner series is perfect. :) And I am loving your conversions!

    One year, huh?? Crazy. I remember when your journey began and I am so excited to keep following!

    And I love your goals for photography. :)

  10. Did u hear that? That was me in the corner giving you a standing ovation. Beautifully said. Love your images and view through your lens

  11. Heidi. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your photos. They are so clear and the expressions you capture are precious.
    I can't pick a favorite in this bunch, love them all.

  12. These are such fun captures of life--I LOVE them!

  13. Loved this post, especially Jude and the mason jar...storyboard, woman!

    Seriously? ILP is such crap now. I remember back in my day (oh, say three years ago, lol!) it was an amazing's basically where I learned everything I know and wouldn't have the overly critical eye if it weren't for that place. So sad that such negativeness comes from there now. You are more than pro worthy. I mean, who are they kidding? I was totally pay for you to shoot my family. ::shrugs::

    One year, eh? Time to make a blog book! I'm obsessed with mine. I was just up reading one of mine from the year Maddie was born at 1am last night! So glad I'm a blogger!

  14. Heidi...long time lurker your blog, photographs, passion, perspective, and vision. I understand how hard it is, but ignore the critics. And keep photographing your beautiful family - they are all treasures!!!

    Love the milk sequence. Also a fan of kale...growing it in our garden and hope it is ready soon!

  15. You know I already love your work, your style, and the blog you write! Everything at the end..... well said sista!

  16. Ok, so you know how I feel about the comments you have recieved, as well as what I think of your photography. But what you don't know is how sad it makes me to see your beautiful pics of the boys on your blog because it makes me miss you SO MUCH MORE! lol Seriously, the saddest thing about these forums and their mean girls is that they have no idea what a genuine and loving person they may be hurting with their jealousness and petty behavior, people like you. And one more thing ... do you think I would ask someone who wasn't good enough to be pro to photograph images for our new web site?! Um ... no! I love you sis ;)