Sunday, May 15, 2011

Brothers. bubbles, bugs

Glad I keep my camera handy in the kitchen for quick grab-and-snaps. 

Remember how I said that the UPS man(*sigh* we got something real special goin' on, me and my UPS delivery drivers...), delivered my new macro when I was shooting Petey blowing bubbles with my 35? Here is that day. 
Cutie pie. Now, when I got that box with the macro in my hands, I opened it real quick, but Pete was done and would not blow any bubbles for me to macro. Dangit!
But then...Joey slipped outside when his brothers were not looking to blow some bubbles uninterrupted, and I stalked him outside with my new macro. 

Love this macro.

This one is nasty but pretty all at the same time. Ew! Fly on oregano leaf.


  1. Love the bubbles! I'm so copying you! LOL!

  2. Great bubble shots! That lens is sharp!

  3. Thanks, ladies!

    Kristine, do it...I totally copied Lacey's bubble pics, lol! :)

  4. love it. what macro did you get now? I thought you loved the 60mm?

  5. I loved it, Jude! I have the Canon 100mm now. I am planning on upgrading to full frame, and sadly the 60mm does not work with full frame, so I sold it to fund the 100, which does. The 60 is easier to hand hold, just as sharp too, and better perspective imo on a crop. Working distance is not as nice as 100, but still okay imo. If I were not upgrading to ff, I would have kept 60 forever!

  6. Yay, for getting a macro! You are already rocking it! The bubble images are awesome and the last one of the fly is AMAZING! I love the first set of your boys!