Friday, May 6, 2011

Dandelion and Ps5 woes...

I got ps5. I figured that I could just jump in since I know PSE backwards and forwards. Well, I cannot find familiar tools. Like, why is USM under filters now? *sigh* 
Things are in weird places. much more stuff in there than ACR. I am totally lost. So, pics are collecting on my SD card, but I cannot really edit them yet. I think I am going to sign up for some Kelby training STAT, like tonight! Anyhow, this is my latest adventure in taking it to the next level, learning Bridge and Ps5...I did edit these tonight though.
 I have been without a macro for a few weeks. :( When I realized I was upgrading, I sold my 60(does not work on full frame), and then bought a used 100(cause of the crazy prices). I was not happy with my used 100's performance in shake? soft copy? I don't know. I did  not give it much of a chance before I returned it. I thought I would maybe upgrade to Nikon, ditch Canon(gasp!), so I decided to wait on buying a new lens. So, I investigated Nikon Macro. The 105 has vibration reduction, which you pay for with very very pretty pennies. But...I read that the VR does not really work all that well for 1:1 macro, which is the only time I would really need it. There is not a 105 that does not have VR, and like I said, those pennies are preeeetttty. 60mm? Neat. But on a full frame? Maybe too wide. And, 2ish inch working distance? Nah. So, Canon's 100mm looked better and better, and as silly as it may sound, I might have just based my full frame camera upgrade choice on a macro lens. Yup. I love macro that much. I then waited though, thinking the prices would eventually drop...Oh, Japan, I pray you get back on track, for your sake, and for the sake of a hobby that was already expensive before tsnumai inflation. :(
I just could not wait any longer though! I need a macro NOW. It is Spring you know, things are in bloom and covered in pollen for goodness sake!
Now that I have shot macro, there ain't no goin' back. I. must. have. a. macro. lens. at. all. times. Gosh, hope that doesn't sound too bratty. Or silly. It's the truth! Macro and me...*sigh*...Oh, funny story, UPS delivered my new macro while I was in my yard shooting Pete blowing bubbles. HA! Crazy mom with a camera.
So glad to have a macro again...I love my new 100mm.
Now, if I can just figured out ps5, I can show you more pics. ;)

P.s. Big changes at Luxecetera! As many of you all know,  my sis' Eva is over there. ;)
Anyhow...Templates and 'Now Brand Identities' are 50% off!
For real!
Not kidding!

I nearly snatched up the  Day Dream Drops, lol. Love it. But...I have a few other ideas up my sleeve(okay, I don't have a sleeve of creative ideas in re to design, I delegate that out to my more talented sis', who I have at my greedy fingertips, BAHAHAH!), and you will see in due time. he he he ;)
My sis is part of a new design brand now...and I am eagerly and impatiently keeping an eye on what they come out with! SQUEEEE! :)
Had to share that! So exciting!


  1. Love these, Heidi! Great job! BTW, on the Nikon 105 macro you can turn off the VR. Honestly, I keep it off a lot and often forget to turn it on when I am doing portraits. I think I have a pretty steady hand though. A macro lens does have a pretty steep learning curve compared to other lenses. But I think you did fabulously with your lens! Good luck with PS5. I love it!

  2. No one ever judges men for their "silly" hobby choices! Congrats on the new macro lens. I may venture into a macro lens this year--in the meantime I have a macro adapter gadget. Nice job on the dandelion!

  3. I love those pictures Heidi!

    I remember when I made the switch from PSE to CS4 and it was a nightmare trying to find where everything was.

  4. Hi Wendy! Girl, you are my macro hero. I love your work. Oh, do not get me wrong, that 105 is an amaaazing lens, I have some d700 envy too, lol...I am just too cheap, lol!!! :)

    Catherine, I cannot wait to see what you come up with!

    Thanks, April! :)

  5. Very nice! I love how super super macro you are working here.