Wednesday, May 4, 2011

DC, baby!

We went to DC this past weekend. It was a lovely weekend to go. Warm sun, blue sky, cool breeze.
Cutest baby on the metro. Swear. 
Gosh, he seems off in this pic, right? Not Jude-y like. Hmmm...little did we know, at the time, that his grumpy disposition was because he was sick. A day after we took this pic, he rashed up. I thought he felt warm. Weird. Then, when he was on the mend, on the way home, we would give him 3 pieces of chocolate chip cake and a juice box, all fueled by guilt that we did not know he was sick when we drove him 7ish hours to DC. Poor baby. Silly parents. Needless to say, we did have to wash the carseat cover. 

 These are the 'see, we really were in DC' pics.

We were going to go to the Air and Space Museum first. But...
the line was beyond insane. Crazy school field trip go-ers. Gheesh. 

So, we wandered through a huge outside sculpture garden of sorts.
Making our way to the National Museum of Art. Um, it is so much better than the Air and Space Museum(take my word for it. Air and Space was kinda lame. I hope those employees are non-essential should the government ever shut down, cause that is a totally non-essential museum. Sorry, just sayin'. If you go to DC, hit the National Art Museum instead). 

Anyhow...I was first taken back by the amazing architecture. 

It is just really pretty in here. Oh, and this stairwell was a natural light photographer's dream come true. There was a HUGE window against that wall, filling the room with soft light that bounced back at ya from the other wall. The creamy stone made a nice neutral backdrop. I wanted to take some portraits of the kids, but we had 7 kids manned by 3 adults, can imagine how orderly *that* would have been. HA!

And the art. Amazing.

I am super freaked out that it is so open though. 

 I mean, you have those nice guys in navy suits walking from room to room, but still, the art is so exposed. 

How is it, that in hundreds of years, some naughty kid has not smeared his naughty hand all over these masterpieces? 

 That to me, is amazing.

I was so on edge with this gang of kids, lol.  

step back! too close! don't touch! watch where you are walking! 

When we stumbled into the portrait section, I could really relate. 
Years ago, before cameras, if you wanted a portrait of your daughter or wife, you would hire a painter, not a photographer. 

I imagine that, just as there are good and bad photographers, there were good and bad painters. We, obviously, get the pleasure of seeing the good ones.

Fortunately, we made it out of there without damaging any of the precious masterpieces. Whew!

Oh, and except the outside pics, all the other pics were the max iso!!! EEK! 

It was hectic, but it always is. :)



  1. lovely pictures!! are you using your flash?!?! they are SO sharp.

  2. Thanks, Jude! Nope, no flash. :) I just sharpened in pse. :)