Friday, February 4, 2011

This baby...

Loves his daddy. Actually, he loves his daddy more than any other baby before him. I have never had a baby turn on me this early. ;) If Joe is around, he demands to be held by him and only him. He cries when he goes to work or leaves the room. He toddles over to him, grunting until Joe picks him up.
He shows his baby love by resting his head on him. The other day, Joe was sitting on the floor reading the paper, and Jude crawled over to him and kept resting his head on his leg. When Joe picks him up, he will rest his head on his chest. Now, this is really cute, so when he does it, we all say, "awwwww..." And, this has created a 'cue.' It is really funny. If are holding Jude now, and you say "awwwww," he will rest his head on your chest. And, he knows he is being cute cause he gets this crooked little smile now when he does it. Here is Jude, being cued by me yesterday. 


And he loves his brother Pete. So much. Pete can make him laugh by just looking at him. Or not. Sometimes Pete is just being himself, not even meaning to be funny, and Jude is cracking up at him. 

Boys, our gift to you will not be a big college fund or a car when you turn 16, nah, our gift to you are some siblings that make you laugh(laugh at you). Please keep enjoying each other, always. 

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  1. So adorable! I love seeing how Charlotte reacts to her big sisters. I'm so glad they have each other. Can't wait to add more, lol!

    Jude has the best eyes!