Monday, February 14, 2011

A littl recap....

of what we have been up to. Gosh, we are busy. I guess that is no surprise. LOL Pete. Pete is just a little bit crazy. It is our fault. He is so cute. We let him get away with...alot. So, the other night, he empties the entire bottle of baby shampoo into the tub. I sternly asked him, "Pete, is that funny?" Now, why I would ask this, I don't know. It is not smart to ask a kid an open ended question like that. I know this. So, he gives me this smile and says, "Yes, it IS funny." And you know what? It was. 

So, I told him to never ever do that again, after I had to hide my face, cause like I said, it was funny.
Oh Pete. 

Later, Joe comes down from upstairs and asks, "did you know that Pete got into your craft room?" What a funny question. Obviously I did NOT know that Pete had gotten into my craft room. But I do now. 

 I would love to have been a fly on the wall, to see him totally rampage this room. I wish I knew what he was thinking. What he was pretending he was. He pulled all my yarn out and tangled it. Then, he took all my knitting and crochet needles out and stuck them in random balls of yarn. *sigh* 

Okay, I know what you are thinking. Gosh, they don't supervise Pete very well. Nonsense! Pete is crazy. Okay, maybe we are a little laid back. Anyhow, we decided to start enforcing the rules with Pete, again. But, he is so stinkin' cute. It's hard. 

So, I am taking a workshop at

Which one? Oh, natural light 101! Wooo-hooo!!! I mean, WOO-HOOO!!! I have wanted to take this course for a looong time. :) And, the best part? It is free. Totally free. Beth, the instructor, had a little contest. She wanted us to post a funny self portrait. Oh, I can do funny. Remember that episode of 'Designing Women' when Julia Sugarbaker proudly walks out onto the fashion show stage with her dress in her panties? Right after a big lecture on pride and dignity and such? he he he. That was my inspiration. I call this, 'mother's day out.' Ah yes, mama finally gets a day to herself. She is off to the mall. "Good bye little ones! See you later!"

Joe will tell you that I am not funny. I am! Just ask my sisters. I always make them laugh. When Joe saw how much my sisters laughed with my witty genius, he was shocked, saying "Now I know why you think you are so funny. Your sisters think you are funny...but honest, you are not funny." he he he
Gosh, I really hope you don't find my humorous picture to immodest, I did darken the shadows so you cannot see that booty too well. :) Anyhow, this is a big fear of mine. Someday I am sure this will actually happen to me, and I hope I can just laugh about it then. Or tell everyone it was on purpose for some laughs.

So, I had to practice some window light techniques. I tried to get Jude to help. Cute? Yes. Helpful? No.

So, I turned to Pete. Equally cute, and just a hair more helpful, although I did have to trap him in a highchair for these pics. 

It is Valentines day! For school, the kids need bags to hold all the valentines, so I thought we would paint some muslin for the bags. 

Paul needed help making a heart, so Joey helped him. I loved this part. 

Pete was there, being all cute and crazy. 

You know, I ask the kids to smile, but my favorite pictures are when they just finish a thought, and there is this, this...look. Can't explain it. When Pete just gets done telling me something, usually something funny, here is how he looks at me. 

 And here is the smile, of course.

So, yesterday, Joe went out to the store with Joey and Paul. I was in the kitchen when they came home, and from the kitchen I can see the driveway. Well, Joey gets out of the car, and Joe proceeds to stuff a big heart shaped box of chocolates in his coat, to hide it from me. Joey starts to walk towards the house, and the box starts to slip out, so he turns around and Joe helps him get it secure. He starts to come down the walk again, it slips again, he turns around, Joe helps secure it again. This happened a few times. I pretended not to see. Finally, Joey comes in clutching his belly, runs by me fast, saying "Uhh...I have to go potty." I pretend I don't know a thing, saying, "Okay Honey!" I love these boys. So, this morning, on Valentines day,  they were very excited to get the chocolates out of hiding. Oh yummy. Yeah, I ate most of them already. 

xoxoxoxo :) And, Joey picked out the butterflies. And, Joe, smirking, kept telling me that Joey insisted. That he picked them out "all by himself." Oh, yes, he did. He did indeed. Thank you, Joey. 
 I wrote the boys some love letters to go with the boxes of Chocolates I got them. 

 Happy Valentines Day!

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  1. Love, love, love the photos. Pete looks thrilled to be your model, lol! Congrats on winning the free class at CM...that is totally awesome!! Lucky ;-)