Thursday, February 17, 2011


Kinda. Well, kinda sorta. Well, no not really, but let's talk about it. ;) So, the last few days, we have had a warm spell. It has been really nice. So nice, I was able to get outside and shoot some open-shade pics for my light workshop. Score! On that note, I will get back to Spring in a sec. goal was to find some open shade along grungy bricks downtown. Trust me, this town has no shortage of old brick buildings. This is an urban photographers dream, lol. I came across a curious problem seems that there must have been a big sale on yellow hued bricks back in the day, cause nearly every building in town is constructed out of these yellow bricks. I actually like the color. It's pretty. But, Paul, my little model, has some serious olive undertones, and I am tellin' ya, every single yellow hued brick in town is the same color as his skin. 

Yellow bricks, aka Paul's skin tone!

So, when I place him against these is like skin camoflauge, and it is not pretty. But, it makes for a great black and white conversion.

I found this neat little spot on the side of a dry cleaners.

And this was in a residential home parking lot. Pete is so funny.
 To make these images pop, I edited them using what they call 'urban grit' or 'urban grunge' techniques, which is not really my style, but when you are dealing with boring bricks, it really is necessary.

Okay, so back to Spring. After months of cold temperatures, snow, and ice, I welcome Spring! But, Spring is bittersweet here. It feels nice outside, so you want to get out and enjoy it. But...this whole place becomes a big mud swamp from the snow thaw. Run barefoot in the grass? Have a picnic in the yard? Only if you like swimming in mud. Okay, so this sounds terribly negative. Not my intent. Really, I just have to record the facts here, that is all. A picture is worth a thousand words, so lemme do some record keeping here. 
Okay, to understand Spring, you must understand the winter here. When I lived in the South, I idolized snow. I pictured a beautiful white wonderland. Kids making snow angels, having snowball fights, eating the fluffy white snow. And, this does happen here...the first day it snows. And to be fair, maybe after every really really big snow. But, no, after that first big snow, this is what the snow looks like the rest of the time, at least in town.
All that black by my feet is the 'big ol'  nasty black snowbank.' 

Here, for reference, lemme give you a bigger picture of this...
This is right outside my house. 
In town, the snowbanks are higher, and in parking lots, the plowed snow is taller than I am. And they are all this grey/black color. Okay, so you got the black snow thing now, right? Okay. :) So, like I said, the last few days have been warm! And, this snow is starting to melt. Which brings us to Spring...this black snow ain't pretty when it starts to melt. Just imagine the amount of grey slop floating around this town. And, the grass...this is how the grass will look as the snow melts. See it under there?
You now understand the mud we deal with come Spring. So, last year, I was not prepared for it, and I ruined a few good shoes and pants. To combat the black snow melt and muddy grass, I am prepared! I got some wellies. Because I am hoping Spring is right around the corner(although I know we have a few more snows, I am sure)
I considered getting a really sensible color, but you know what? I miss the sunshine, and this sunny yellow made me happy. 

No, Spring may not be here yet, but I know it is coming...the black snow banks are melting, my yard is turning into a swamp, and the tell tale sign? A bunch of guys shoveling snow off the playground!

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  1. Love your creativity in these!! I was just looking at rain boots today on Targets website! Fun color!!