Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What we have been up to

Look what Joey brought home from school Friday.

And in case you missed this part, it says: 
"I think mom is special because she lets me cook on the stove."

HA! I love this kid. For years, I promised he could cook on the stove with me once he turned 7. The week after his 7th birthday, he brought home a cook book from the school library. We cooked on the stove. :)

              And here is our super-eater, Jude.
This is the piggiest baby I have ever had.

And not because he ate this x2 and still wanted more.
 No, he is the piggiest baby because he fusses from the time the spoon leaves his mouth until it reaches it again. See the fussing? Ridiculous.

And, in getting this pic, yes, the delay was unbearable for him. 
Poor baby. I bet he thinks his mommy is a camera. Don't despair, he was happy once I shoveled more food in. :)  I had to get a fussy eating pic.
I have been trying tons of different black and white actions. This one is Rita's ButterCreamB&W It's free!

Took the kids to the park last week. The weather has been so nice, and I always feel so guilty when we do not get to the park. It is hard though! Someone has to cook and clean and such. Whenever I go to the park, I vow to go more often, but then I remember...the laundry! :( I enjoy taking them though. I cherish these moments so much. I love to watch them play. When we go, I sometimes bring the camera. I am on the hunt for the elusive perfect-swing-picture. I want to capture the joy I see on my kids faces as they swing. Big smiles, laughs, etc. I keep trying...and trying...and trying. This is torture. Why do I do this to myself? I mean, the kid is, you know, swinging really fast. But, I *know* it can be done because I have seen it. And, I will keep trying until I get it!

These were the most focused pics, lol.

Oh, and this is definitely, definitely, not what you want your 7 month old to do in the swing. *sigh* lol

Went hiking again.

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