Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hiking in the Fall

More boring Central PA woods, right? Nope. :)
We love hiking. This pic shows why. Every once in a while, you stumble into a dreamy out-of-this-world landscape that is so amazing, it's almost mythical. We moved here from East Tennessee, and I dearly miss the Appalachian Trail. No offense to Central PA, but it just does not compare. Last weekend, we decided to head out for a hike. In the parks where we live, there is very little ground cover. Mostly ferns. And, at this time of the year, the ferns are an amazingly bright yellow/green. As far as they eye could see, the ground was covered in bright yellow and green ferns. The tree leaves are just starting to change, so we were under a canopy of green and yellow. The dappled light just exaggerated the whole scene. It was beautiful. It's no Appalachian Trail, but it is amazing in its own right. :)

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