Thursday, June 30, 2011

Let's go fly a kite!

We have a lot to do 'round these parts. So much, I find ways to escape it. Clean? Pack? Oh, did I not mention that we are moving in 3 months? Below the mason-dixon line, no less, yeeeee-haaaaaa! Whoop. Whoop. Okay, so, what was I saying, oh yes, nah, forget all that house work, let's go fly a kite instead. Right?
Now, I am feeling kind of...uninspired lately with the picture taking thing. I get this way when I have too many pics on a memory card that I have yet to edit. But, I desperately want to record these days with my boys. So, my solution? Break out the film camera. Point. Click. Develop. No photoshop. No clearing that memory card that is full.
 Now, this picture is deceiving. It looks like we were masta' kite fliers and all. That is not true. Not in the least. We got these kites off the ground for...maybe a second...twice? I let the boy's pic out their kites, and Pete picked Batman. His was the cheapest, flimsiest, yet it flew the best.
One-armed-Joey managed to pick out a kite with dual holders. You know, where you need TWO hands to steer the kite? I did not notice this minor inconvenience until after we got to the park. So, eventually, Joey used Pete's kite, on account of only having ONE hand. 

We pretty much gave up after this. We hit the park, but not before grabbing a picture of my Joey.
So pensive, serious. Joey, relax babe. 

This park is great, by the way.

Now, you may ask yourself...'ya know, I swear she has four kids, but I only ever see pics of one or two...where are the rest?"
Here they are, and *this* is why you never see pics with all 4. 
Yeah, you will see single pics of these kids for some time to come. I try. 

And before we got into the car, I had Joey lay down for a pic I have seen and wanted to duplicate.
But allergy eyes and a bright sky are not a good combo. I still think he is cute though. :) 
Fuji 400h, in case you were curious. ;) 


  1. I love that you shot film! I had to laugh at your shot of all four. It's priceless. Real. I have all three and getting them together in a single picture requires a small miracle! I love the crop and composition on the last one. It's a beautiful portrait!

  2. great shots and great boys! i love the last shot.

  3. I am amazed with how different blue the sky is in the first one from the others! Also, I can imagine how nice it is to not worry about editing. I can not get the exposure on the face with blue sky in background with my dslr as you did in the third one. Love the last two! Poor allergy eyes...I know how he feels! Glad to see your photos...that field is amazing!

  4. moving?!?! you sound happy about it, so I guess it is a good thing?!?! (or maybe you are just looking forward to thawing out after a penn. winter! LOL)
    love love love the sky pictures! (and your cutie boys too of course!)

  5. Looks like # 3 might want to dance, really fun picture

  6. I really like the last two! Glad you got that shot of Joey. And the kite flying with the view of the land is lovely! Sounds like you guys had a great day! Where are you moving to exactly?!

  7. Very excited about the move...going back to TN, yee haw!!!

  8. I love that last shot, Heidi!