Thursday, June 23, 2011

Been busy.

Hi everyone!
Yeah, been too busy. As usual. *sigh* We went to Vermont, and I don't think I will post all those pics as they are still in memory card land, and well, we just got busier. So, I will post what I have, give you a little update and then just get started on with our busy day. :) 
Vermont was really pretty and really cold. Joe had to buy me a sweatshirt. Not kidding.
We went letter boxing.

In a graveyard.
Creepy. Kids got a kick out of the milk stamp. They were like, "Milk?!! What does milk have to do with a graveyard?" LOL

Then we went to this lake beach that had 100,000 newts.
Jude was really cute with the water and newts.. :)

Then, Joey broke his arm. :( So, baseball is over for us. :( Today we have to check to see if it is set, get it casted.

A dear friend had dinner ready for us upon our return, which was a real thoughtful treat. :) And, I have no shame to admit that I am eating the leftovers for breakfast(okay, second breakfast). Good friends are worth their weight in gold.

I have mean meaning to tell you...a couple of weeks ago, I took on a project for my sistah. I photographed some of her amazing designs/branding. Now,I did not photograph everything. For example, park cellar, bup, logo portfolio, and lana bell were not photographed by me. But the rest is my work. Check it out! It was fun.

Okay, we are off to get x-rays and a cast and more milk at the sto.' Have a great day!


  1. Love that first shot!! So creative, great b&w, and I just love the overall feel of it!

  2. You are a busy woman! I hope your little one's arm is feeling better by now. Kids.... they keep life interesting, don't they? I like your reflection photo.... funny, I always imagined you to be a Nikon girl ;). Oh well..... I love Canon's 85mm lens.... yum.
    Hope you're having a wonderful week!

  3. Seriously Heidi, thank you again ... so very much! I appreciate you so much ... ESPECIALLY because I know you are already so busy. No one could have done better though and I am forever in your debt for helping the site look 100x better. I <3 you!!

  4. Wow, sounds busy! I hope your little one's arm heals quickly!

    Love the expression in the last photo!

  5. How the heck did you that first shot! Love the graveyard shot and your last, cute pout! Hope Joey's broken arm is feeling better...what a shame to have to wear cast for the summer :(

  6. Hi Heidi!!! I've missed you. It sounds like you have been very busy and I'm so sorry to hear about Joey's arm. :( Poor guy. Your photos are wonderful! Love that pout!!! I checked out your sister's site and WOW! I'm in <3!!! Her designs are so fresh and elegant. Amazing!!! And the photography is wonderful too. It's so nice to see you in that first photo!

  7. Oh my heart skipped a beat when I looked at that first photo. I love everything about it.

    What is letter boxing? Never heard of it.

    Sorry to hear about the arm :( I hope it heals quickly.
    Off to check it out.

  8. HI!! :)

    love this. missed your post!

  9. Sorry to hear about the broken arm. Hope it's healing well. The thoughtful Type looks truly fabulous!

  10. sorry about the broken arm, we have done that before. it was the itching that was the hardest! i had to laugh when a friend from texas went to boston (in june) and couldn't believe she needed a sweatshirt...yep. ;)

  11. Misti, letter boxing is really fun! Basically, ppl hid tupperwares and post clues online about how to find them. When you find them, there is a stamp for you to stamp your book, and you stamp theirs. It's fun to see all the traveling pp that found it. Most have a snippet of history or nature education in finding it, etc. :) you re-hide it for others. :)