Friday, July 15, 2011

Not abandoning blog...

just taking a break. 
In about a month, we should be moving. And, well, that is a little overwhelming seeing as we have yet to find a rental and pack(unless you count the kid's pathetic attempts at toy sorting packing). I have not picked up my camera in a while. I just feel too overwhelmed to snap, edit. Lots of loose ends to tie up relatively quickly. My subscription at clickinmoms ran out too, and I am stalling on reinstating it. For one thing, not being able to log in has drastically reduced my web time, lol, leaving more time to prepare for our move. And, I picked up knitting again(more on that in a sec). I have some almost-done knitting projects for the 'pay it forward' summer event over there, and I need to get them done before summer is over. So, being logged off=more time to knit. Oh, the knitting. Funny that I would pick up that time consuming hobby again when I am so strapped for time, isn't it? This is pretty neurotic. I know it is just a way to escape all these obligations, but I gotta be is nice to knit again. I lost the knitting mojo, for whatever reason it became more like a chore than a hobby. A trip to a couple of yarn stores(sorry, Joe) remedied that, and I once again feel the therapy like qualities of knitting. That's nice. Because I am not here blogging, I am not checking my dashboard, so I am not visiting all the lovely bloggy mamas I have come to adore. I miss you all, and I am sorry for not being around to give some bloggy love. Anyhow, I thought I would check in seeing as I might be away for a while. ;) 

And since no post should ever be without a picture...I took these a while back but never blogged them. We have grape vines(that are totally wasted on us as I always intend on making grape jam but never do), and I was amazed at how fuzzy and colorful the fresh blooms and new leaves are! Weird. 


  1. Lovely photos! I never knew the new buds were so fuzzy either. Kuddos to you for taking up knitting again! I so love to knit and have two projects waiting for me to have time again. So way to go and what a great pay it forward. I too have been a slacker on paying blog love. I think summer and family need that extra attention right now. Great to see you around! :) Good luck with the move!! I can't imagine having to pack my house up!

  2. i have been wondering where you were. i was going to get the lifetime upgrade on CM with a group 40% off thingy... and of course, they auto-renewed me... with no warning... via paypal... to a near empty (cause it is not our regularly used one) account. So... my one year membership cost me an extra $35. I was not happy to be a CM... and their response didn't make me any happier. It included a " :( "
    I am glad you are knitting again. I think reading is for me what knitting must be for you. Holding a book just relaxes me.
    Hope all the moving plans come together without much stress!!
    where are you moving to?!?!?!

  3. Thanks, Tracy! :)

    Jude, that is sooo lame! :( And, I really meant that ":(" I just typed, and I won't be charging you 35 bucks for it. ;) Oh, moving to Northeast Tennessee, Johnson City. We lived there before and are going back! :) I am looking forward to having sunshine again!

  4. very interesting shots. yay for knitting. i wish i could

  5. Heidi ...

    I MISS you! I have wondered where you've been on CM and obviously, now I know! I REALLY hope you come back to CM... you are SUCH a light there! Not to mention you ask the best questions. :) If you don't renew, though, I will surely keep in touch and will always keep up with you and your wonderful family on your blog. :)

  6. I'm certainly glad to see you renewed! And I'm certainly glad you started knitting more ::wink wink::

    Hope the move is an easy transition for you all, can't wait to read all about it, eventually, lol!

  7. I figured you were already in moving process. Glad to know you're not leaving us permanently on the board! Good luck with all the move stuff.