Thursday, November 11, 2010

This past week...

Grandma came into town! She just left today, and the boys already miss her. Oh, what a busy week! Let's see...what did we do this past week...

We went back to Ways Fruit Farm. I got more Ida Reds. Tried some Northern Spys(My fave is still Ida Reds).

Oh, by the way, this is what it looked like on the way there. Well, kinda. I added a texture for dramatic effect. ;) It snowed!

Do you like the apple pictures? Please enjoy them, because Joe was embarrassed, er...more like mortified, that I was snapping pics of inanimate objects. Silly man.
Yeah, I now know that I should have focused on the red apples, not the green. *sigh* oh well. I would have snapped another pic, but again, Joe's head was about to explode out of embarrassment.

Got more apple butter.

Hey, you know what? I don't even know what this is. I just saw some pretty colors and snapped away. lol

Grandma spent a small fortune at Ways. All kinds of yummies. She bought some more apple cider. When we got home, we still had some in the fridge, but it was fermented! So, Joe decides to turn our dining room into a distillery. I am pretty sure this is against some law in the state of Pennsylvania...anyhow, did I mention that this is my...DINING room? Oh, I did. Okay. So, you have some apple shine on the floor and a very mobile do the math. Yes, Jude-y did get into this. No, he did not drink it. At least I don't think he did. I smelled his breath, and it was okay, and he was not acting all funny or anything like that. In case you were wondering, yes, we did move here from Tennessee, the Appalachian Mountains to be specific, so this should all make sense by now.

Later, Paul and Pete decided to be dogs, play fetch. Every so often, they do this.

Here they are fetching.

I guess you could call this retrieving?

So, Pete is a little crusty in the pic above, right? Here is why...Grandma and the boys made this.

Yes, I know it is a tad early for this, but Grandma will not be here for Christmas, and they do this every year with her. :)

You cannot see him, but Joe is giving Pete his best 'stern' face. lol

This is the littlest brother pillaging the biggest brother's top secret dresser drawer.

I went to Joey's parent/teacher conference and got this.
Boy! That cooking on the stove really made an impression on this kid! This is the second time he has drawn/written about this in school! Awww, and look how snazzy he made me look! Love this kid.

Pete draws too! He LOVES coloring, which is strange to me, because he is the first kid of mine to really like it. He wants to color all day. This is what he colors.

The other day, I turned the corner and saw this. Too funny. I wonder what he is thinking.
Do you know that this sweet boy has never made a list or asked us to buy him what he wants for Christmas? Oh we are so blessed. He is such a joy.

The day Grandma left, we tried to get a pic of her with all 4 boys...easier said than done...this is the best one...he he he. :)
Tonight, after bath/shower time. I decided that Jude and I would have a photo shoot. Just Jude and I. I wanted to get some pics of his sweet baby feet. His chubby little baby body. His fat little hands. I remember my sister took the most beautiful black and white pictures of her chubby towel-wrapped baby, and I just adored them! So, I was going to copy cat and get some great images. Ah yes, these were going to be great. Just like Halloween...oh
So, big mobile babies crawl right out of towels and rush at you at alarming speeds.

Very shortly after this, things got crazy.
Pete came and jumped on the bed, started rolling around with Jude, pretending he was a monster.

Then, Joey and Paul came in. So, I took a sec to snap each one. And they cooperated(except for Jude).


  1. Hi Hiedi. I found my way over here from clicknmoms. You had posted a very kind response to someone and that made me say, "Hmmm... I should go check her blog out.She seems nice." That led to me looking at your amAzing photos, which led to me thinking, wait a minute! Does this girl have a lightscoop or something? She has an xSi like me and when i bump my iso to 1600, I get grain. So. Question (s)...

    what lens are you using? If you say 28mm 1/8 I'll cry. I have been saving for one for a while and am ALMOST there.
    are you using a lightscoop? If you say no, I will assume you live in a house of glass where there is perpetual sun.
    how are you editing your pics? If you say PSE 8 I will laugh and finally sign up for a class to learn how to use mine for more than just the Pioneer Woman actions.

    Jude aka the intensly long winded commenter on your blog.

  2. Hi Jude! Okay, first, you are incredibly kind, thank you for your kind words! :) You made my day. ;) Dig your name too(we have a Jude :)). You cracked me up too! YAY, you are a canon girl! :) lol Okay...lens...35mm 2.0. :) Only lens I have right now. Blog pics are with my my 35. :) I LOVE it! LOVE IT! lol It is so consistent for me. I felt like a bad photog when I had the 50mm 1.8 and 1.4. When I got my 35, I was like, "Oh! I can focus and get decent comp." lol. :) Lightscoop? When I shoot inside, I bounce with my 430ex. :) Made a HUGE difference. My house is DARK! :( I do shoot iso 1600 at times(the crib pics), but gosh, iso above 800 is tricky on these xsi's, right? I can do it, but it sure does take ALOT of effort, and inbetween the sharp ones are alot of grainy ones. So, usually, instead of shooting 1600, I bounce flash. So, yes, most of my inside-the-house-pics are bounced flash. :) Oh, and I do use pse8! :) I love Amanda's classes at Everyday Elements. SO affordable and so packed with good basic info! :) Okay, how is that for a long post! HA! Feel free to ask me anything else, I am a total photog junky, and I am more than happy to blather on and on about it, and I loved that you stopped by! :)

  3. thanks lady! this was very helpful! I had a friend show me his speedlight at a birthday party this weekend and it made go... oh, maybe I just need that. ACK! I need camera fairy... I want to many lenses, too many gadgets, and my husband just said "oh, really?" when I showed the 5D markII. LOL :)
    Ok, I will continue to stalk, er I mean, admire... your photos here :)

  4. :) I hear ya...this is an expensive hobby! I just stopped by your blog...girl, you crack me up! :) And, adorable Halloween pics!!! :)

  5. Found you from clickin moms! Cracking up over here about the formented apple cider! I'm from the carolina's and living in New Jersey so I can totally relate being a southern girl stuck in the northeast. ;)