Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving to Advent

We had a great Thanksgiving week, despite the kids getting a terrible stomach bug, of course.
We made Pilgrim and Indian garb, as we usually do.
Notice the rounded corners? I really like rounded corners, so I may start using them all the time. lol
Anyhow, Joe and I had a disagreement about the feathers. He says they go in the back, I say front. So, Joe made Pete one with a feather in the back, I made the rest with feathers in the front. Now, I do not have a pic of this, but I made myself a cream bonnet, and Joe had the pilgrim hat on for a bit. he he he.
So, when we first put the hat on Pete...he thought it was a 'pirate' hat, not 'pilgrim' hat, which explains this face. He was in his 'pirate' shirt, afterall, so I can see why he was confused at first.

Then, he realized that he was, in fact, a pilgrim.

Paul, as an Indian.

So, Joey says, "If we are Indians, we are going to need some arrows and spears." So, he made some. Gave some to his brothers.

Here is Paul with his spear. Now, I know there was no 'warring' at the first Thanksgiving, and you know there was no 'warring' at the first Thanksgiving, but try telling that to a 4 year old BOY with arrows on his head and a spear in his hand.
This 'warring' quickly faded as soon as the kids realized that their arrows and spears were, um, PAPER. A few weeks ago, Joey found a great plastic bow in the woods. Of course, he tried to shoot his PAPER arrow with it. And, Paul tried to launch is PAPER spear. They complained when they wilted. We were like, "boys, they are PAPER." lol

Look at the lovely flowers Grandma sent us for our centerpiece! Thank you Grandma! :)

I got his idea from my Aunt Joani. It is great. Every year, we have some form of a 'thankful tree.' I give everyone pieces of paper and ask them to write down some things they are thankful for. I fold them up, place them on the tree(which is usually the center piece, so this year, I tucked them into the flowers), and then at dinner, someone reads them. Everyone gets to guess who wrote what. With kids, this is always amusing. Here are some of ours.
Joey's are on the left, he is thankful for God and our family. :) Paul drew our jeep. He is thankful for the jeep. lol No, but really, the kids love the jeep. They call it the space ship. I am so thankful for my family. We are so blessed. :)

Later, we played risk...with all the kids. Now, the kids always want to play risk. We rarely do it. Playing risk with a baby and 2 y/o...well, you can probably imagine. But, we started a game, had some frustrations amidst the fun, and we are still playing it.

And, then, before you knew it, it was the first Sunday in Advent!
So, we got all that stuff out...we started our Jesse tree. I read the kids the story of creation and Adam and Eve. Then, I asked them to make an ornament that made them think of that. Paul made something that reminded him of the story of Adam and Eve. Here is his serpent.
Okay, yeah yeah, I know, it is not all that evil or menacing looking. I know. This is the snake a 4 year old makes, so you will just have to imagine it.

Joey focused on the creation aspect, and made a bird.
And, my dear husband, who I am ashamed that I ever told was not supportive enough of my new hobby, bought me a new laptop, so my editing time is about to get cut in half. :)
I hope you had a great week!

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