Sunday, November 28, 2010

Just for fun!

In the continuing attempt to grow in my photographic hobby, I am always taking part in clickinmom's creativity exercises and challenges. This one was really fun. They asked us to go to one of the CMPro's sites for inspiration, pick one of their images we liked, and copy it. Yes, copy cat, with full approval and blessings, just for fun. :) I knew the images I wanted to duplicate. They are Beth's sweet little boy/reflection/cookie eating pics, found here, at Elizabeth Ross Photography. I chose Beth, because she is a very inspiring photographer! I love her pics. What I love most...well, when I first decided that I would really learn how to use my new dslr, I browsed alot of pro sites, looking for inspiration and composition help. I came across Beth's site, and I was amazed by her inside pics. Here were pics that were more beautiful than anything I have ever seen done in a studio. Take a peek at the baby in the crib! In the first pic, I was like, "oh, that baby is in some super fancy wonderfully lit studio, so I won't try to get a pic like that." Then, I scrolled down and saw the other pics...NOPE! That baby is in a crib! A CRIB! At HOME! See, when I got my dslr, this is(and still is) my end goal:  to take professional looking pics of my kids, in their natural environment, as they are. :)  I guess the technical term for that is 'lifestyle photography,' but I am a hobbyist, so for me, it's 'lifestyle momtography.' he he he. Anyhow, Beth's super nice inside lifestyle pics are very, very inspiring. I had fun playing around, trying to duplicate. :) And, Paul had fun being an M&M eating model! HA!


  1. love your photos! how did you get the reflection in your pictures? ~ just another mom from clickin moms~

  2. :) Hi! :) I made a duplicate layer from the background, flipped it vertical(in the image-rotate drop down), and then I used the move tool to position it how I wanted. I lowered the opacity. I then applied the layer mask action from CoffeeShop, and painted the rest of the layer off the background. Then, I blurred the reflection by applying a skin softening action to just the reflection area. :) Hope that helps! I'm glad you like the pics! :)

  3. that is why i want to learn more too, our every day life, in focus. ;)