Tuesday, July 19, 2011

*warning* it's buggy!

This AM, Joe saw a grasshopper on the wall. So, naturally, he scooped it up and gave it to my nakey toddler Pete, who just loves buggy friends. Oh, Pete is so cute with his bug friends...it is amazing what joy a silly grasshopper can bring that boy, so I just had to capture it. 
He tells me it tickled him.

This is Pete's face when it creeped onto his back, outta sight.


  1. Heidi, this is such an adorable series. I especially like the black and white photo! It captures so much. Very cute!!

  2. Don't ever let go of that lens! The sharpness and clarity is to die for!

  3. I really enjoy your blog and having just found it a few months ago have been reading the previous posts. I am a lot older than u and it kind of makes me sad to read how you beg, plead and cajole your husband to buy u a DSLR. Gosh, I see you are more than holding your end in the family responsibilites, certainly you could have the new camera without begging.
    The pictures of your third son in this post are wonderful, what a good photographer you are and it is fun to read continually how much you enjoy your boys. joanlvh

  4. Oh, yes, I did have to beg for that first dslr...lol...I don't think Joe was convinced it would be that much diff than our point and shoot, which was not that old and cost a good penny, lol! But, I will have ya know...I don't ever have to beg for camera gear anymore-he has become my biggest cheerleader and is so incredibly supportive of my new hobby. :)